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Postby SpringsSong » 06/15/2013 11:39 AM


So, for those of you going, "Wait, I thought the Bale'kana were a species of Trinket..." (...someone?  Anyone?  No?  Okay then~), they've been given a hint of new life.

Well, by "new life", I mean more... well, they're actually spirits now.  Spirit otters.  Some of them have ethereal flames clinging to their bodies, but most of them appear without the flames.  They also have random patterning, and no two Bale'kana look alike.  Also, being spirits, they are technically genderless.

For right now, any Bale'kana that are purchased will be randoms.  Customs may become available at a later date if I feel the interest in these babies is high enough.  Breeding may also become available at a later date for a small KS fee.

Prices are 25 KS for a basic random and 35 KS for a fire random.
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