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.:Contest #14:. (OMG Judge'd!)

Postby BaalsBaby » 10/10/2009 11:13 PM




Design a pet! Woot! Another one of these! (See Rules)

I’m looking for two brand new creature designs but we’re going to be doing this a little differently. We have requirements and guidelines, oh the noes! So what I’m looking for is two designs based on already existing (or once existing) animals that follow, please click the names to see an image:

~*The Black Caiman or Thylacine*~

It doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with a Halloween theme (since I might not get around to redesigning the winning submission until way after this holiday) so you’re free to design the pet however you see fit. You can even mix it with other animals to add some interesting details~


1. A new addition to this type of contest is the required drawings for it. I’d like for all submissions to include the following:


*Multiple sketches of the same pet. (They give me a ‘feel’ for the design.)
* A color chart. (Those little blotches of color.)
*A main image. (The big one that’s all fancy, the finished product.)

(You don’t have to lay out your submission EXACTLY like mine, just include the above specified things in it. :))

2. Submission must be in *gasp* COLOR! Doesn’t have to be perfect or shaded of course, but crayons, colored pencils, flat digital coloring is just fine.

3. You may design both creatures. Only two entries per person!

~*Hints and Tips for Good Submissions!:*~

1. Pick a ‘theme’ for your pet. It makes the design process much easier to think through. (Ex. A ‘volcano’ themed turtle or a ‘forest’ themed dinosaur. Totally not Pokemon, lawl.)

2. Give your pet an attribute! People can sometimes recognize a pet from memory because of things that are.. Well. Memorable. (Ex. The ‘arrow wings’ of a Sygriff or the ‘shawl’ of a Shielupe.)

3. Think about how your pet can actually ‘function’. Is it’s head too big for it to normally walk? Can it live in a certain harsh environment with the adaptations it has? (Ex. A Rengosett evolves a prehensile tail to live in it’s treetop habitat.)

4. Simplification vs. Detail. Don’t leave a creature too plain to the point where it looks just like the original animal it’s based off of but also don’t make it too detailed. An idea that’s too detailed may affect Hint#3 or it may just be too much to look at all in one go.

5. Just a suggestion, but it looks like Evelon’s biology favors creatures having multiples of something. (Ex. Three tails or six legs.)

6.  NEVER use your first idea or sketch. One of my professors gave me this advice, and so far it’s been very, very fruitful. Many times, your first idea will be ‘predictable’ so throw it out for a fresh new idea or build on it so it gets better. :)


*First Place - One Alonia Prize Pet, Wild Pet, or Breedable Custom (Lucain/Paragon) and 1000 KS. (Plus having your pet on Evelon in just cool like that.)

*Second Place - 500 KS and a Breedable Custom (Lucain/Paragon

~*Judgment Day:*~

Saturday, October 24th (The last day to turn in stuff!)
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Re: .:Contest #14:.

Postby ShadowStitches » 10/11/2009 12:55 PM

mwhahahahaha *giggles manically*
okay, I came up with a design for the caiman creature.
(I have to admit that I took pictures of adult black caimans, so the snout and head is much more...
thick and heavy.  I hope thats no problem^^'')

http://i700.photobucket.com/albums/ww6/ ... oncopy.jpg

Jacro(crappy name :P)
The Jacro could be considered the Cheeta of the swamp.
allthough its not skinny, it is a very fast runner and exrtremly agile.
It doesent, unlike its cousins, spent that much time in the water,
allthough it's still a important hunting habitat. It can stand in shallow water,
right under the surface and wait for pray to come near the water. it then
uses its long legs to leap out of the water. Jacros are able to make much
bigger jumps then normale crocodiles could, and it is able to hunt its pray
on land, in case it escaped the jumping attack. The front paws have two
cruel, crooked hand claws, similar to the big foot claws of a raptor.
It also hunts entirely on land, normaly ambushing its pray out uf the
It still is an excelent swimmer, but it hates deep waters (like the sea)
Jacros live solitary, and they fight very furiously for their territory.
The crest can be flared, and normaly the bright signal colors on it are
only shown to attrackt a mate or to show its dominance. same goes with the
little 'light' organs on the tailtip, wich sometimes also are used as bait for fish.

aaand second entry:
the Tycleck (another crappy name)
(note: sorry for the messy pic and colors, I just drew it and my arm hurts :P)

http://i700.photobucket.com/albums/ww6/ ... oncopy.jpg

The Tycleck are the size of a big dog (when standing on hind legs) and live in mountain regions.
they normally live in small packs (about 3-5 animals) and are rather shy.
Their hindlegs are strong enough to carry them on hindlegs only, and the hind-feet
are highly interisting too. They have hooves, wich can be spread (look at pic) and thus
allow ecxelent footing. They are rather fast too, if they want to, and the kick they can
do with those hooves could crush a persons skull. They are very good jumpers also,
and if they fight with their feet, their tecknik could be best discribed as a sort of kick-boxing.
While their front paws look rather plump, they can use them as primitive hands, and they are very good
diggers. Females are smaller than males, but much more agressive, wich is why the packs are
normaly lead by an alpha female. Their hyena like 'manes' are mostly there to impress other predators
or atrackt a mate. The little horns on their heads are sharp, but rarely used, because the necks
of the Tycleck simply arent build for too much impact. The maw of these predators can open
very wide, allowing them to take great bites out of their prey. They also haw an interisting tail,
wich splits at the tip and is provided with two claws. these Claws can be used like a crabs claw,
snapping open and close, and are very strong and dangerous. The tails also are very flexible and
can bow over the head, just as a scorpions tail, to grab a prey or an enemy. They normaly walk on four legs, but when hunting or running, they rise to their hindlegs.
Cannot say, I'm breaking the rules
If I can glue em back together.


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Re: .:Contest #14:.

Postby Wyndhail » 10/11/2009 1:54 PM

Introducing my species thing. 8D It's based off of the Thylacine and such, mostly structurally.

The Fyall lives in sparse woodland, primarily nocturnal though it can come out in the daytime for whatever reason. The bright colors of the Fyall give it away amongst the undergrowth, and as such it has developed a few defense mechanisms. The Fyall's striped tail can be raised above its' head or shaken back and forth, and while it usually does this for courtship rituals the Fyall also uses it to scare enemies and make itself look bigger than it already is. In addition, the horn the Fyall bears upon its face (which almost always matches the tail) can be used to ram into enemies. The horn is only slightly longer for females and grows as the Fyall ages, but if the horn is ever broken it will not grow back. The Fyall's inner ear structure does not enable it to hear very well, but it makes up for this by having two sets of ears that give it an above-average sense of hearing. The Fyall feeds on small mammals and other game that it can catch. It can communicate through a wide variety of yaps and calls, but has been known to be able to mimic noises much like a mockingbird or parrot.
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get a little closer, let fold
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the rungs of me be under, under you

ill cut the soft pockets, let bleed
over the rocky cliffs that you leave
to peer over and not forget what feet are
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Re: .:Contest #14:.

Postby Rabid » 10/11/2009 4:05 PM

Giant file is giant. D:

Meet the Awcrad~ -tomatoe'd- It's based off the Thylacene, but kinda... Ended up mixing the two. o-o

The awcrad lives in shallow, murky waters, such as muddy rivers or ponds. They rest on the muddy ground below the water's surface, and use their powerful hind legs to leap at their prey - typically groups of fish. If the water is too shallow, the awcrad will end up flying into the air. Adult awcrad can hold their breath for an hour at a time, though young ones usually only hold their breath from 5-15. Awcrad use their long legs to hold their heads above the surface to sleep, preventing them from drowning. Though they prefer to take their time and move at a leisurely pace, awcrad can swim as fast as speed boats when necessary. Awcrad have two thin, rudder-like tails each, and this can occasionally cause them to go off track, thus the dorsal fin. Awcrad have the uncanny ability to smell underwater

Awcrad almost never leave the safety of the water aside from giving birth. This is because, much like other amphibious creatures, they are clumsy on land. They move like kangaroos, but due to their strange build, are too top-heavy to run like their cousins. Awcrad are marsupials, with backward pouches to keep as much water out as possible, much like their ears. Awcrad are also reluctant to leave the water because they don't know what scents on land mean danger, meaning they're even bigger targets.

Awcrad have powerful jaws, and use this to their advantage when they stumble across creatures like turtles, which are their favorite meal. Their tails can easily break bones with a single lash. Again, much like kangaroos, awcrad can lean back on their tails for a few moments to attack with their powerful back legs. Despite their strengths, awcrad are cowards. They flee from everything bigger than them, especially other awcrad. However, if confronted with one of their own kind that they believe they can take down, awcrad will display their dorsal fins, which will fill with blood. If the opposing awcrad does not flee, then the two will begin a vocalizing contest. The winner usually has a louder, more melodic call - each awcrad has a different call, you see. They aren't amazing singers, and generally sound an awful lot like a hoarse alligator.

Oh my Gandolf that was detailed. x-x

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Re: .:Contest #14:.

Postby HunnyBun » 10/11/2009 5:27 PM

First Entry:


-Will add details later, my stomach hurts ;~;-

We're waiting every night
To finally roam and invite
Newcomers to play with us
For many years we've been all alone

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Re: .:Contest #14:.

Postby Middy » 10/11/2009 8:26 PM

Most of this information can be seen in a lot of sea creatures, I just added some colorful tweaks. =)

::The Corundi::.

Hailing from the darkest depths of the ocean, is the monstrous Corundi. In name and partially in size, these sea dwelling crocidilian-like creatures are 5 feet tall and 12 feet long on average. They are fierce predators with a voracious appetite for fish, or sea mammals.
Some have concluded that the three horn spikes that sit atop their head are pressurizers, allowing this great beast to travel to the very depths of the ocean to the surface where they hunt for food or to get some occasional sun.

The Corundi are amphibious in nature, carrying both sets of gills and lungs much like a lungfish. Allowing them to both breathe underwater and on land with no worries, even their skin carries the trait of thick armored scaled much like a crocodile's.
Those who have come in contact with these creatures say they carry intelligence, and the ability to talk... mostly about food leading to them most likely being gluttons but eating so much is essential to them since they burn off tons of calories swimming from depths to surface daily. They are...aggressive, mostly seen in males. Even so, they can be quite a handful to tame being careful enough to feed them when needed and to remain on their good side. When calm, they appear lazy but very defensive about their territories.

The way they hunt is also an interesting spectacle, having their bodies dotted with many bioluminecent spots that attract unsuspecting fish into thinking it's food, as well as their angling horns they carry on their forehead and hindquarters. Once they feel the electrical senses that their prey is giving off the Corundi is quick to snap up it's prey in a heartbeat, but sometimes miss.

Corundi are very antisocial, preferring to be along and do their own thing. Trainers often call them stubborn or arrogant, but nothing is going to change that. They are headstrong and prideful.

-Males Average the size of 5ft tall and 12 feet long, while the females appear smaller at 4ft tall and 8ft long. The females are most aggressive when they have their young present.

-Much like some sharks, the Corundi has life birth. Breeding only twice a year usually out of the ocean on the surface. And mostly at nighttime. Although this seems to be the only time they are social with one another.

-The Corundi can smell blood up to miles away from where they are, some say they are an unholy combination of a caiman and a shark. They even carry a cross between the two when it comes to teeth.

-Four eyes gives them a keen eyesight, but like all crocs, have a protective film when they dive into the seas.

-They will take human form, but prefer beast form depending on the Corundi's personality or mood.

-Those large fins along their back make them exceptional swimmers, allowing them to turn on a dime and move at great speeds.

-Corundi usually fight one another over territory, using their large claws and razor sharp teeth to lock together in a bloody battle. That single raptor-like talon on their front hand serves as both a weapon and a defender.

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Re: .:Contest #14:.

Postby Freezair » 10/11/2009 8:34 PM

This spot shall be mine! MINE! Muahahaha!

The Troma

Main Image + 2 sketches
Additional sketch of a front-facing Troma (Warning: Here be lined paper!)

It is uncertain where, exactly, the Troma came from. Its cells multiply and split at an unprecidented rate. Because of this, it is an extremely fast healer. In fact, it is capable of producing mass numbers of stem cells, which most grown creatures cannot do. However, its cells have little "direction," and they don't always turn into the "right" thing. It may grow hair where it shouldn't; veins cross its skin, and it isn't all that uncommon for a Troma to be born with extra, vestigal legs. It has been known to be covered in strange patches of hair, malformed, tiny organs, and teeth everywhere but their mouths (though many have a lot there, too). Some Troma feel a great deal of pain from their constantly changing, sometimes malforming bodies, while others feel no pain even when they injure themselves. Unsurprisingly, many people find their appearance horrifying or downright disgusting.

Despite their appearance, however, the Troma are not necessarily cruel or evil beings. Most of them are intelligent, more than mere predators. Quite a few Troma are scientists and doctors. Some seek ways to end the pain their bodies give them; others look for ways to use their amazing, regenerating cells to help heal others, and even to study diseases like cancer. Troma doctors are renowed for both their great medical compassion and their unparalleled zeal. As Troma grow older, their growth rate slows, until their bodies "stabalize" around the time they hit about what is, for humans, about 50 years of age. While they loose some of their regenerative powers, the lack of constant growth frees some of the pained Troma from their lifelong battle with their own bodies. Because of this, Troma have a great respect for the elderly, calling them "Stone Ones" (due to the fact that their bodies are now "frozen" like stone). However, some of the Troma have been known to snap under the pressure of the constant pain, and turn to drugs or worse to deal with their problems.


--Fully grown, they are about 4'6'' at the flat of their skulls, not counting the ridges growing out from their heads.

--The "spikes" sticking out of their backs are actually teeth, similar to shark teeth. The fact that they have teeth growing out of their backs is just one more aspect of their strange physiology.

--The "masks" on their faces are thick, boney plates, covered by a thin layer of flesh (like a moose's antlers). "Eyes" frequently grow in large clusters from this skin. However, these eyes are blind. Not only do they lack pupils (they're a milky white color all over), but they're growing on top of bone. There's no optic nerve there. The large eyes on their shoulders do work, but due to how they're situated, aren't really all that useful for seeing (at least for a predator). Tromas who don't just cheat their Troma way of life by having an alternate form as a human or other pet navigate primarily through smell.

--Troma seem to get their name from a type of cancer known as a teratoma. (Warning: Link contains one particularly eew-eew-eew medical picture, but it's near the bottom of the page, it's tiny, and you won't be able to make it out if you don't click on it. So, uh--if that kind of thing creeps you out, don't.) The skin and bodies of the Troma seem to have similar properties to these tumors, which have been known to contain hair, teeth, and pieces of other body parts.

--Troma have "skin" to start with, but have been known to sprout hair, scales, feathers, and fur.

--Troma seem to have more trouble taking on human forms than other pets, but have been known to manage it with a fair amount of training.

--Troma are fairly swift. They tend to live in groups, but hunt small animals solitarily. They are capable fighters; what they lack in muscle strength they make up for in sheer tenacity. Again, they are quick healers from physical injuries, though they are still susceptible to pathogens.

--They're generally asymmetrical, but they DO have giant shoulder-eyes on both sides of their bodies, at least. However, their plates, the number of their eyes, and such can be different on both sides.

Potential Traits:

Passive Traits: Fast Healing, Improved Scent
Battle: Spiked Body, Overload Metabolism
Medical: Regenerate Limbs

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Re: .:Contest #14:.

Postby Thunder » 10/11/2009 8:37 PM

Yes, you may change these names :3

The Thylan

http://i102.photobucket.com/albums/m109 ... ne_pet.png

Other Notes:

- The Thylan is an intelligent, social species that lives and hunts in medium sized groups, which are led by one individual (usually male, as the males are stronger than females). They are strong warriors, although they try to avoid conflict as much as possible. They communicate with barks, growls, and body language. Thylans greet each other by bowing, then whacking the flat ends of their boomerangs together.

- Thylans dislike using their claws, teeth, and horns for battle and hunting, although all pups are trained to fight using them. Once they reach adulthood, Thylans must create their own boomerangs by carving them out of bone or wood using their teeth. The boomerangs can be of any shape and size; it's really  just the Thylan's own preference. Only a handful of Thylans can master a returning boomerang. To throw the boomerang, Thylans rear up on their hind legs, twist their neck, and fling the boomerang. Therefore, they have strong necks, hind legs, and strong jaws to grip the boomerang tightly.

- If another Thylan wants to challenge the group leader for dominance, then both parties first greet each other (bowing, whacking their boomerangs) before starting a fight. The challenger must try disarm the leader using only their own boomerang. There is to be no harm done. If one Thylan hurts the other in any way (hurting yourself does not count), then the Thylan that inflicted the wound loses.

- Thylans originated in dry grasslands, but they've spread to many different parts of the world. Thylans from different ecosystems have been shown to have different pelt colors in order to camouflage them better.

- Their diet consists solely of meat. They will prey on just about any large herbivore and will work as a pack to take it down.

The Caitrap

http://i102.photobucket.com/albums/m109 ... an_Pet.png
(rushed lol...I forgot the "p" in Caitrap x_X)

- The Caitrap gets its food and drink in a very strange way. The flower on its back has a small, esophagus-like structure hidden in the center (that little yellow circle). The petals of the flowers release a scent that attracts bugs. When a bug lands inside the "trap", the "trap" snaps shut and begins to secrete enzymes in order to dissolve the prey. The now-liquified prey trickles down into the center, where it is taken to the rest of the Caitrap's digestive system. The Caitrap also collects rainwater in its "trap" in order to drink.

- The leaves on its tail are actually spikes. The Caitrap has a very flexible tail and can use it to strike enemies like a club. It can also use its teeth, which are now solely used in battle and not to tear apart prey.

- The Caitrap lives in tropical rainforests, so the leaf-spikes and its flower help it to blend in with its surroundings. Caitraps usually come in natural colors, like browns and greens.

- Caitraps have their flowers since birth. The flower "blooms" a few minutes after birth and begins functioning immediately, as parent Caitraps do not feed or take care of their young.

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Re: .:Contest #14:.

Postby robopup24 » 10/11/2009 8:43 PM

I save this spot~ :3

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Re: .:Contest #14:.

Postby J'Tal » 10/11/2009 9:52 PM

And with great fanfare... Tadah!!

Colored Image and here are the Image Sketches

It is called an Alligataur, or Gataur for short.

It lives in swamp-like areas, and has 'Bestial Hide' and 'Great Bite'. They form tribes and are generally hostile to intruders of their lands. If you earn their trust however, you will have a friend for life unless you betray him or his tribe.

If there are any Questions or Complaints, PM me and I will get it taken care of.
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Re: .:Contest #14:.

Postby potterchic » 10/11/2009 9:59 PM

I'll have to toss my pitbull over to guard this spot...

I figured I'd jus put a progress marker for my own sanity, and possibly the rest of you guys.

The ugliest picture in the world is:
60% Finished with Main Picture
0% Finished with Side Sketches
0% Finished with Color Chart

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Re: .:Contest #14:.

Postby Toon-Souseiseki » 10/11/2009 10:42 PM

Holy Baal...  *Runs to claim spot, prints out pictures, and grabs 50 sketch books*

I shall return!
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Re: .:Contest #14:.

Postby GrayGriffin » 10/11/2009 10:49 PM

Okay, I think I'll enter as soon as I figure out how to get some good drawings on this here computer, seeing as how I have no scanner. But I'll reserve this spot and stick my plans in a note.

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Re: .:Contest #14:.

Postby Knightdaniru » 10/11/2009 11:08 PM

*snags place* Now to think of something flawlessly epic...
You may call, you may call
But the little black cats won't hear you.
The little black cats are maddened
By the bright green light of the moon;
They are whirling and running and hiding,
They are wild who were once so confiding,
They are crazed when the moon is riding
You will not catch the kittens soon.
They care not for saucers of milk,
They think not of pillows of silk;
Your softest, crooningest call
Is less than the buzzing of flies.
They are seeing more than you see,
They are hearing more than you hear,
And out of the darkness they peer.
With a goblin light in their eyes!

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By Elizabeth Coatsworth

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Re: .:Contest #14:.

Postby Jinx » 10/11/2009 11:47 PM

The Congore

Based off the black Caiman. An Aquatic species.

http://s496.photobucket.com/albums/rr32 ... ongore.jpg

The Congore isn't the most intelligent creature, but it does have common sense. In water, they are one of the most fastest creatures there is, but on land they are vulnerable and rather slow. They are huge creatures and can weigh up to 1000 pounds. They can reach the size of a small car. Their eyesight is horrible, but their hearing and smell make up for it. They have snake like tongues which also helps them find food. Their weapons, are their teeth and the various spikes about their body. Their defense, is their hard body. It feels like rubber but it's hard to penetrate. They can use their tail as a whip, and ram their body into their prey and or attacker. Their jaws are five times stronger than that of a gators. The Congore is a ruthless creature and don't mate for life. They breed to survive and would much rather be alone. Most are not friendly to any and would sell out their own kin for a scrap of meat. Female Congores, lay eggs on the lands. They make a nest out of mud and tree limbs, and other things they can find. This is the only time you will see any kind of affection from a congore, is when she is protecting her eggs. She protects them until they hatch. Once out of the egg, the mother will protect them for only a couple weeks, until they grow large enough to fend for themselves. Then they are on their own. They can hold their breath for 3-4 hours at a time. These creatures can live up to 100 years, even longer if they're lucky.
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