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Re: .:Contest #14:.

Postby Moofius » 10/17/2009 4:46 AM



SPECIES: Insonia (subject to change, welcome to change)
HABITAT: Baian Swamp (Select Habitat)
GENDER PERCENTAGE: Male: 50% | Female: 50%

This species was discovered by one of Evelons many adventurers. At first our lucky discouverer thought the hatchling it had found was a genetic misfit, a freak. Soon, though an angry two headed, 12 eyed mother made the Evelonian think otherwise.
The insonia (as it's being called) is hard to spot due to it's colouration. During mating season they are easier to spot; at this time the frill/fin on their back and both heads glow (as does the thin stripe down the center of their belly). This glow is used to attract mates.
During times of danger an insonia will light up to confuse and/or temporarily blind their opponent to either get away or attack the threat.

Many wonder just how is it that this creature functions with two heads? Don't they fight or get confused? Many of Evelons greatest minds (not Einsor, he's always busy) have wondered this same thing but find the strange relationship nearly beyond scientific reasoning. The two heads have minds and personalities of their own and yet function perfectly under one body. There is, however, one head who is slightly dominant. This is not always easy to tell but if you staighten out an insonia you'll see that the tail, near the end, splits into two. One "tail" is longer then the other, always. The head quordinating with the longer tail is dominant. Scientists have been unable to determine if a larger difference in length between the two tails means more control of the body and decisions as a whole.

Another curious adaption this creature has made are the curious pattern found on the eyelids. They eerily resemble eyes and, in fact, that's the point. These markings allow one (or both) heads to rest and sleep without having to worry about predators who may see those unblinking eyes starring at them and decide to try again at a later time when the insonia is asleep. The name insonia comes from the word "Insomnia" or "Insomniac", referring to those whpo cannot sleep.

Size wise an insonia would make for a good house hold pet, otherwise it doesn't quite fit the bill. Insonia are curious by nature, dark places nothing for them and their ever present glowing body parts. Other pets will be terrorized (as will your feet) as they can be rather territorial and defensive. They'll eat just about anything but preffer small birds like polly or snaller sea creatures, like kuni or trumpetter.
If you're willing to put up and keep up with an insonia you'll have an unloyal, but fun, friend for life*!

* Life = The time it takes for the insonia to find a master with better fish




SPECIES: Unnamed (Really needs to be changed, don'tcha' think? XD)
HABITAT: Wilt'no Desert
GENDER PERCENTAGE: Male: 50% | Female: 50% (Adult Percentage Is About: Male: 35% | Female: 65% due to violent, often times fatal battles for mates put on by the males of the species)

Territorial, violent and quick to anger these guys are very untrusting to humans. Since the dawn of man the pelt and organs have been used as x-ray machines. Even in todays modern medicine the pelt of the ___ is still the best way to check for broken bones. The species is hard to find and very endangered. They're most often found being sold on the black market and are the most saught after prize of any poacher.
Thankfully these guys are terribly difficult to hunt because of their, well, invisibility. Often times to attract a meal a ___ will lay down in the sands of the Wilt'no and wait for a scavenger to happen upon the bones. When it comes in close enough the would be scavenger is now food for the ___.

The skull most ____ wear is usually of fallen prey or a defeated ___ from a past breeding season. It is a show of strength. Most ____ wear their largest kill while leaving the skulls of past victories in their den to show off to mates. The markings on the skull show some more intelligent, artistic tendencies of the ____. A very complex creature most Evelonians strive to keep this species safe.

Native people to the Wilt'no warn their children not to stray too far into the sand or the "Baby Snatcher" will get them. This is all fairy tales and legends but the description of the "Baby Snatcher" matches the ____ to a tee. No recent reports of ___ snatching babies or children have been made in a town around the Wilt'no (in case you were wondering).
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Re: .:Contest #14:.

Postby MillietheWarrior » 10/19/2009 6:28 PM

Entry #1: The Pakoti
Based On: Thylacine
Pronunciation: Puh-Koh-Tea
Plural: Pakoti

I don’t know much about this creature, to be honest. It came to me during a conversation with Kallile (Who pretty much helps slap my muse into doing something and came up with it’s name XD) and evolved into this. So, here’s my one and only entry. (Wiggles)

The Pakoti

A bit about the Pakoti;
-Lives in the deepest part of the Tengel forests.
-Are omnivorous, eating both meat as well as plants.
-Hunt smaller prey, occasionally hunt Moonlings, but prefer to not expend the effort. They will usually scavenge other kills or resort to eating the thick, leafy vegetation of the forest.
-Despite their omnivorous nature, they’re really quite gentle and lazy, preferring to stand back and watch than resorting to the ‘fight or flight’ instinct that most animals have. Can be approached by anyone, and have even been tamed to ride and pull carts.
-Long legs and neck are useful for traversing through swamps and deep bogs, keeping them above the deep water.
-Thick hide that blends in with the shadows of the canopy, using the stripes and earthy colors for camouflage.
-Stiff mane that travels along the body, ending in a long tail useful for switching away the flies, mosquitoes and other pesky insects of the swamps.
-Tusks are usually more prominent on males, but both male and female have them. They are used for display purposes. The Pakoti will open it’s mouth in a wide yawn to display it’s fangs and tusks and ward off intruders into it’s territory.
-Horns are used during mating and calving season. Males use them to fight for females, females use them to protect their young.
-Travel in herds of up to ten, made up of all females and ‘pups.’ Males live alone until mating season.
-Make a series of growling, purring noises when happy. When excited, they make a husky, yappy bark, while they tend to hiss and growl when threatened.
-Their ears are very sensitive, and can pick up sound from miles away. Also have very good eyesight.

I love adventurous tales like that. That uplifting feeling that comes from seeing unknown lands and the knowledge that you came across—nothing can replace it! It opens a path from which self-confidence, experience, and important friendships—from the sharing of life or death situations—are born! But hearing it just isn’t the same. I want to create my own magnificent story!

A great adventure!

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Re: .:Contest #14:.

Postby Omnisearch » 10/24/2009 2:18 AM

Entry One
Colored Picture
Species Name: Sawati (welcome to change) [Sah-wah-tee]
Plural: Sawatum [Sah-wah-tuhm]
Entry For: The Caiman
Habitat: Various

Many rumors tell of how the Sawati came to exist. Many people tend to believe that scientists, dying to find a new species of creature, managed to blend a frog with a caiman to get... this creature here. With DNA manipulation, they created the best friends of every fisherman. The fishing road tail-tip of the Sawatum were created by DNA manipulation so the tip could be passed down from parents to children. This was a success, as baby Sawatum hatch with the fishing tail-tip.

The Sawatum were created, or so they say, to help the fishermen in their business. Being fishing reptiles, the Sawatum were given various traits that enable them to make water their home. The cushions under their belly and arms are like the inflatable chins of frogs. Upon the Sawati's demand, the sacs can inflate and deflate. When inflated, this is usually to scare off prey, for courtship during mating season to seduce the females, and the sacs can also be used as floaters to stay atop water. Unlike frogs, the Sawatum don't make any distinctive sounds when they inflate their sacs.

The sharp teeth at the front of their mouth are used to tear through thin spaces, like between fish ribs. Since the Sawatum don't feed on big prey and mostly eat fish, their whole dentition consists of small teeth that rely more on sharpness than size or strength.

While the Sawatum started out as a business species, many were released in the wild for research studies. Depending on their habitat and their diet, their character would change, as well as their colors. Sawatum can be found in any area close to a source of water, such as Jawan, the Dead Coast, and Baian. Some have been reported to live in Roraldi and Tengel, but sightings are much rarer there. Sawatum closer to cities turned out to be docile, shy, and helpful, while those living in wild areas like Baian proved to become aggressive and very doubtful of strangers. In every case studied, the skin colors changed to allow the Sawatum to blend into the scenery.

Courtship happens every summer, during which the males show off to the females and offer fish as gifts. If two or more males are interested in the same female, they will decide by fishing, and whichever fish the female likes best is the winner. Wildlife Sawatum are the only ones who actually partake into physical battle rather than fishing to win the right to a female. Unfortunately, most of these battles ends with a death or two, which makes it hard for the species to stay alive. Females lay eggs, and as with most animals, females are very protective of their young. Access to the children is prohibited to the father until the babies are old enough to do basic actions, like eat, run, and squeal. The same rule goes for males who have settled down with a single female.

When it comes to pet ownership, the Sawatum have proven to be sweet, hard-working pets. They work best in the busy life of the city, but seem to be able to adapt to countless terrains fairly easily if given time. They are usually seen with fishermen for their useful touch-ups, but some people seem to have developed a liking for these strange reptiles.

Entry Two
Colored Picture
Species Name: Thysert (welcome to change) [Thee-sert]
Plural: Thysertes [Thee-ser-tes]
Entry For: The Thylacine
Habitat: Wilt'no Desert

The Thysert are said to be related to the Rollabies in some ways. Once believed to be extinct because of the huge black market abuse for the fur and blades of the Thysertes, it seems like this species has started to move in Wilt'no Desert. They were hunted for the blades on their back for weapons, and the fur protects against both heat and cold, making this the perfect choice for coats. Rumors say the species had gone into hiding to survive, and that now that it has increased its population, it has come back.

A very doubtful and shy species, the Thysertes are similar to kangaroos. The pouch they have can be used for multiple things. Females usually use their pouch to carry their young, while the males use their pouch to collect as much food as they can, either for themselves or for the family. Having an iron stomach that is seemingly endless, the Thysertes can not only eat about anything they come across (taken it's edible), but size rarely matters considering their huge jaws. They tend to settle for fruits and plants rather than meat, since the former is easier to find and catch. They are, however, omnivores.

Some Thysertes prefer to hang in a group, while others prefer a solitary life with their companion. Thysertes usually settle with a single mate, and both parents have specific roles to play; the female cares for the young while the father finds food and assures protection for both the female and the offspring. Both genders are extremely protective, and Thysertes have a distinctive cry that is used to alert other males of danger, so that the caller may get help from fellow Thysertes that happen to be close by.

Thysertes usually avoid fighting, since the blades on their back, elbows, and ankles are usually used for defence and not for offence. Their agility and small size, however, allows them to be quick in battle, and they usually manage to win the fight. Living either in burrows or on land, Thysertes who find their current home too dangerous will not hesitate to move to find a more peaceful spot.

When it comes to mating season, the males show off their blades and fur and try to impress the females. If males are competition for the same female, options vary. Some settle it simply by jumping. The highest jumper wins the right to the female. Others might find that whichever male is the better scavenger is the one that deserves the female. Others might want to settle it by a battle of endurance. The first one to fall loses, and these battles usually don't end in death for the loser.

Very few Thysertes have been given out as house pets. From the testimonies of certain owners, however, after wining the trust of their Thysert, they reported that the Thysertes were very hard-working and loyal to their owner. They are, however, very demanding and require a lot of attention, and they seem to be prone to jealousy. Since the population has risen considerably over the last few years, the option of giving out Thysertes as house pets has been considered.

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Re: .:Contest #14:.

Postby Flame » 10/24/2009 1:41 PM

The Caiger

Based On:
The Black Caiman

Native to Baian Swamp and Tengel Rainforest, but have spread across the continent.

Bristling their whole length with metallic spines, blades, fangs and claws, the Caiger is a formidable creature. Their leathery hide is incredibly tough, and near impossible to pierce except by another Caiger. Their weapons are born naturally as part of their anatomy, and are made of a metallic sort of material that is incredibly resilient and can withstand even the impact of striking solid stone. As a hatchling, these blades aid in breaking out of the leathery shell which encases them and also provides some protection against predators – after all, wouldn’t you think twice before putting a tough, leathery creature bristling with blades in your mouth?
Every Caiger has its own uniquely striped hide: No two look exactly the same. It is said that the more intricate the design, the more elite the warrior, although every individual seems to be a formidable fighter. These striking designs are actually very well-suited to the Caiger’s natural environment: They provide good camouflage in the recesses of swamps and forests.
The other distinguishing feature which sets Caigers apart from other species is the helm which each individual wears. Besides creating a striking and formidable image, it also provides them with a sense of anonymity, both in and out of battle. Being able to hide one’s thoughts and emotions creates the sense of being inhuman, and perhaps even supernatural. It adds that extra edge which makes them such fearsome warriors, and also endows them with a sense of pride.

Caigers are generally very solitary creatures: They prefer living as loners and nomads, and are exceptionally good at surviving on what resources alone are available to them. Strictly carnivores, they are frighteningly efficient hunters – armed with their own arsenal of weapons. Although they are surprisingly quick on their feet for creatures their size, they prefer not to waste energy where it isn’t needed. Thus, their favorite method of hunting is to lie in wait of unsuspecting prey, ambushing it when it is least expected. Their striking coloration is actually extremely effective as camouflage in their native environment, and they usually go unseen until it is too late. When necessary, they can also run down their prey, and their method of dispatching the victim is either a bite to the neck – they have incredibly powerful jaws – or by use of their lethal, bladed tail, which can strike with deadly accuracy.
Caigers were born to be the ultimate predator: They are built and made for battle, which makes them famous for being natural warriors. In the tribes of Caigers that exist, hierarchy is determined by stripes, their blade-like spines, and of course, fighting prowess. Males will fight to the death over honor or a mate, and it is not uncommon for the victor to take something from their fallen adversary as a memento of the battle. This battle-loving personality also makes them good mercenaries, and woe unto any force that has to face an opponent with these hulking lizards on their side. Many seemingly heartless and cold-blooded, Caigers will do whatever dirty work is asked of them without remorse, as long as they received sufficient payment.
After mating, the female Caiger builds a nest, deposits anywhere from 50 to 60 eggs, and guards them until they hatch. From then on, it’s every individual for himself. Thus, only a select few – the strongest – survive to adulthood, but it creates a race of the most elite hunters and fighters.

Any living creature that wanders close enough to a hunting Caiman, as long as it looks small, or weak enough to overpower.

Any tweaks and such are welcome ^^
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Re: .:Contest #14:.

Postby Celtic » 10/24/2009 10:26 PM

Entry: Thylacine
Origins: They are basically anywhere their owners are, but were originally bred in the Vast Plains.
-They are carnivors and can easily open their mouth to varying degrees depending on how often they do. (60 degrees - 90 degrees) This was so they could swallow their prey and flee quickly since they aren't the strongest of pets.
-Not agressive at all due to the fact that they are very fragile and would lose very quickly. They are more passive and cautious of new things. Untrusting at most.
-Unlike most canine like creatures, these only travel in groups of two or three, rarely more and often just by them selves.
-If you approach the wild ones they will invariably run away, and will very nearly never ever go to people.
-Obedient and loyal pets once they can trust you.
-Even though they are obedient and loyal, they are quite dumb. Often they have the brains of the common dog, and are prone to run into clear doors, jump on counters and usually can't understand english.
-High energy because they are bred to race in common society. Needs lots of exercise
-They have little health problems and live quite a long time for a dog
-Blank loves to give kisses as well, and they are very protective of their young.
-Females are dominant, often times it ends up with a Female leader and two male follows (kinda like the hyenas)

Umm.. Physical Make-up:
Blank have muscular thighs and are thin all around. Their lungs are twice the size of normal because of their long flights and races. They run a high body temperature because there heart is beating faster and they are usually in constant motion. With a long neck and a thin head it slices through the air. The long ears though are the only thing not made for speedy getaways. They are as long as the neck and are used to flag down others of their species if they are in trouble. Incredibly thin, they appear to be a brighter color then the rest of the body.
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Re: .:Contest #14:.

Postby Icey » 10/24/2009 11:23 PM

Throwing in one. 8D;;;;


I had it drawn, but couldn't color. <<; Curse you Gimp, curse you.
http://i234.photobucket.com/albums/ee17 ... /Entry.png

Was that little thing, You can use it on your own will, instead of for th contest.
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Re: .:Contest #14:. (OMG Judge'd!)

Postby BaalsBaby » 04/10/2010 1:21 PM


Yeaaah. Remember this contest? D8; Yeaah. I haven't.. judged it yet. Until. Until NOW, that is. D8; I was having problems (terrible problems) deciding so yeah. XD; Anway, onto the winners, right?

First of all, the winner of the Caiman entry happens to go to Moofius and the Insonia. I really liked the design that went into this and when I saw the sketches... I really wanted to pick one up and hug it too. xD I especially was attracted to the colors, the striped patterning, the dual heads, and the multi-eyes. :D

Secondly, the Tasmanian Wolf entry. Yeah, this is why it actually took so long to freaking judge this contest. I was just constantly rolling these entries around in my mind. xD; In all honesty, none of the entries presented went kinda with what I was looking for in terms of the Tazzy Wolf entry, but I do have a winner just for the design, though I don't believe this design will come into play. I kinda want to have another Tazzy Wolf contest but with more refined specifications next time.

Anyway. So the 2nd place prize goes to zapdragon555, and while I probably won't keep the pet idea, I /do/ love the bit about the crystals and how they have to travel from one to the other after a time. If you don't mind, I'd actually like to maybe use this idea in the future for something else. :D

Well, that's all that's left to be said. Thanks everyone (in a veeeeeery late manner) for participating~ I loved seeing all the design processes and such~ <3
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