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.:Toys, Toys, Toys!!(Judging):.

Postby Kyrit » 06/22/2010 6:05 PM


"You ask why I am here? Well, it's actually more of why YOU are here. Yes, you're here for a purpose. Or rather, I hope you're here for the reason I think you are. Well, you see. I'm in need of some help. I'm looking for a few people to well... help me design some toys. You see, I run a toy store but... well, painting is more of my thing. I don't know what sort of toys people would like to see, and obviously they don't want watching."

The man behind the counter seemed to ramble off on that point before realizing he wasn't getting much of anywhere. Snapping back to attention, he grabbed a sheet of paper and held it out to you. "Here! Just read these. I figured it'd be better if I just gave people these instead since I'd probably want to talk more than actually get work done. After all, I don't get many visitors. Erm... Well, I guess I'll let you go so you can read them."


1.) Design a toy! That's right, an official toy for the toy store in the Marketplace. If you don't think your art is good enough, just simply submit a idea of a toy and if it is accepted it will be drawn by someone else. The same applies for if your art is good enough but you can only do traditional art.

2.) Please keep all images small. Toys do not have a set dimension, but please try to keep them small like the rest of the toys. Please try to keep toys roughly around 75x75 pixels. Doesn't have to be exact, but 100x100 looks too large.

3.) Enter as many as you wish. We're not looking for just one single toy.

4.) If your design is accepted, you will be given a copy of the toy once it is official as well as 20 KS. This may not be a large prize, but toys are not sold for much anyways.

5.) This 'contest' will run until July 31st.

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Re: .:Toys, Toys, Toys!!:.

Postby Mousen Heath » 06/22/2010 6:17 PM

Here's my ideas, I have no artistic talent at all;

Perhaps a clown doll, cute looking happy expression. Then a reject clown doll, frowning slightly sinister, frowning expression, evil looking. You could so the same thing with ragdolls if clowns were icky.

I think a baby doom kitty plush would be amazing as it's a blob already I'd love to see it even more... Blobbified. It would be so cute! Adorably even.

Perhaps bring out a "reject" of one of the other toys, same idea as the clowns but minus the ickkyness. So like a frowning sinister evil looking version of one of the existing toys.

A rubber duck! Seriously who doesn't want one of those?


Perhaps some glasses, huge geeky ones? I know I'd buy some. >P

A Plushy of Canvas himself!

(May edit with more ideas later I don't want to spam the thread.)
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Re: .:Toys, Toys, Toys!!:.

Postby Elektra » 06/22/2010 6:22 PM

Ok, so here are some that I thought of.  ^^

Since we don't have very many things like the watches and hats in the shops, how about a:

Sky Blue, Battlefield, or Biolune Scarf?  

Purine and Imperial Albie and/or Leebra Plushes, since those two are pretty popular rivals pets.

Dalmas and/or Sahound Plushes

Instead of Top Hats, we could also try baseball caps or visors.

Shartile Bones for Canine pets, since we already have Toy Mice to go with our feline friends.

A ton, I know, but I really would like to share some of these, and I'd like to see if any of these would actually have a shot at being made.  ^^

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Re: .:Toys, Toys, Toys!!:.

Postby potterchic » 06/22/2010 6:33 PM

A bunch of generic toy cars? You know, just the simple, matchbox car-type thing in a couple different colors.

The Evelonian equivalent to a Barbie doll could be something like a Tali standing on two legs. Then from there you can put in the typical Barbie stuff.

Those stickhorse thingies could work, too. You could do one for most of the equine species in Evelon.

Action figures! Like... a Kuchi Nagi superhero! With a Meji as his sidekick and something like a Tavil or Hollowheart as his archenemy!

I'll most likely edit with more later...

EDIT (June 29): After seeing clackno1's post, I remembered that I used to have a bunny doll when I was little that had velcro on either the back or belly that you could open up to pull out a little blanket. Maybe a Cuniflare like that?
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Re: .:Toys, Toys, Toys!!:.

Postby Kreepy » 06/22/2010 7:37 PM

Got a few~ I'll get around to making proper versions of these later~ =3 Maybe. Depends on how bogged down on work I am. And if my work rate keeps up until the end of the month I won't bother.

Clicky here, and ignore the little potions and stuff~ I got bored o3o;

Kuhna Plush – A lovable plush version of one of Evelons most popular pet. Comes in a variety of colors, from Common to Sulkuhna.

Vintage Polly/Batti Plush – Based on this. Thought it would be cool if we had toys based on the old Vintage Pets. Old ‘reject’ line of toys? P=

Remote Control Hollowheart – For something... different? It’s like one of those remote control helicopters. Also has a voice box so you can scare your favourite (or least favourite) neighbours. 8D;

And yeah~ Just your average Sahound and Hisper ‘floppy’ toys~ P=

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Re: .:Toys, Toys, Toys!!:.

Postby MillietheWarrior » 06/22/2010 8:25 PM

Just some ideas. I will edit with more later.


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Re: .:Toys, Toys, Toys!!:.

Postby Zoophilos » 06/22/2010 9:53 PM

A ball.  A brightly colored ball, with stripes or stars or stuff.  Seriously, a ball is one of the most basic toys, and the toy shop doesn't have one!  Don't you think all those lucains would like to play with a ball?
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Re: .:Toys, Toys, Toys!!:.

Postby Freezair » 06/22/2010 10:12 PM

---Windup Toys: Little windups, like a swimming Hydrolix, a waddling Pingune, and things like that. Lots of stores have big bins of windups these days (I'm not sure how they got popular again, but they did XD), so if you see one, things like that.

---GameX Handheld Game: Handheld games, which look kind of like your old-fashioned Game Boy. They come in different colors and show different games on the screen, like Tetris and Snake! For extra fun, you could make them link to simple HTML/Java games like Tetris (that are also freely-distributable code; several such ones exist). Like, you'd get a link to go with the toy's picture to link to the game.

---Crayons: A box of crayons! Easy as that.

---Coloring Book: Coloring books! Just like the games, I think it'd be really fun if each coloring book type also gave you links to some Evelon lineart (drawn by our fabulous mods, or even users who submitted to it) to color in for yourself.

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Re: .:Toys, Toys, Toys!!:.

Postby Jessari » 06/22/2010 10:42 PM

Collector's Figurines - Versions of Evelon pets that look like they're made out of crystal or glass. You know, like those fancy-schmancy things you get in a high-priced glass shop. Kinda like this. (image taken from someonespecial.com) You could tint some of them blue and some of them pink, if you'd like to make them gender-specific.

Posters: You know, like Lord Baal in a particularly dashing pose. :P

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Re: .:Toys, Toys, Toys!!:.

Postby HunnyBun » 06/22/2010 11:03 PM

Yay, making toys 8D, here's what I got:

Image Image
The basic Baseball and Bat oPo

Image Image
A Beach Ball, cause it is bouncy and big XD

Image Image
A cuddly teddy bear, just a bear, not no Evelon pet oPo

Image Image
I also had an idea for a scarf, I just colored it stripped as a preview, I can change the color oPo

Image Image
My personal favorite, a plastic squeaky Stake Toy for Lucains XD

Image Image
I also had an idea for a Kuhna Plush as Krypto oPo

Image Image
And a collar, I know that many have wanted one for their pets, me included

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Re: .:Toys, Toys, Toys!!:.

Postby Shaetani » 06/23/2010 2:59 AM

A singing plant ^_^ Preferably a sunflower or Leaflet based creature in a pot with music notes and maybe cool shades. Inspired by toys I've remembered like that.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKa94eEO ... re=related

I'd also love a toy based loosely off the old glowwurms, maybe a Magrub type toy with its butt having a soft glow? :P
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Re: .:Toys, Toys, Toys!!:.

Postby GrayGriffin » 06/23/2010 6:12 AM

Perhaps, for a fee, it would be possible to get a custom toy based on one of your customs? The restrictions would be that you couldn't have add-ons, and the species would have to be one already in the shop.

Hmm...a chalkboard and chalk? With a Scribblen drawn on it? That'd be cute...and maybe it could animate!

A Tamagotchi-type thing? That also animates?

And adding on to the custom toy idea, maybe there could also be little default accessories you could add?
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Re: .:Toys, Toys, Toys!!:.

Postby AnimeTheia » 06/23/2010 8:41 AM

I like the dancing flowers idea, I used to have one of the first (I think) dancing flowers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guB6lHN3hdQ (I had the red one).

How about mini evelon pets, basically like a farm set where you'd get hard plastic cows and horses and pigs and such, but instead hard plastic Evelon pets, and instead of buying a whole farm set you could just buy the individual animals you want.

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Re: .:Toys, Toys, Toys!!:.

Postby Shieba » 06/23/2010 8:52 AM

I want that Fellox that Millie drew. Seriously. Because...I'm totally requesting a Fellox-toy.

Anyway, yeah, I'd love to see more pets-as-dolls instead of "simpler" toys. You know, keep it Evelon-related and stuff. I couldn't draw anything even if my life would depend on it, so yah, but I'd really like more pets. And I really like Gray's idea for custom toys, even though I doubt it can be done.

But yah, my idea:

- Dolls of the Purities/Evils, kinda like we have the Lord Baal-toy already. I'd love to see more character-specific dolls. Maybe, in addition to Gray's idea, we can have a bit of a custom-doll-service as soon as a pet reaches a specific level (and is therefore probably known to most users)?

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Re: .:Toys, Toys, Toys!!:.

Postby rayquaza7996 » 06/23/2010 10:46 AM

Board games! <3 Because I can't stop seeing Puppetmaster playing Operation with her mommy <3 Will draw when computer is fixed!

Firefighter hat! So that future firefighters can have fun!

Children's dictionary! So we can be educational!

Teddy bear <3

Tamigatchi with one of the pixel pets inside?

Fake plastic toy money <3

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