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[* Mini-Muerto Contest...o?

Postby Omnisearch » 06/24/2011 6:47 PM


Cough. Ahem. Because I'm based on an Hispanic tradition doesn't mean I speak Spanish. So Muerto Contesto it is!

I'm Edward. You might know me as a Muerto Batti, a special Batti based on the many sugar skulls you see for the Day of the Dead. There's a whole bunch of my kind, but I guess nobody found their way here. Or rather, nobody got to adopt any of us.

So let me give you a little backstory. We were released specifically for the Thanksgiving Risk Event. But there's just one of me and one Muerto Choopa out there. So how about... we make a bet?

[* The Rules

1. This contest is a risk raffle. You can buy a risk ticket to participate!

2. To participate, simply RolePlay your post asking for a risk ticket. A ticket costs 25KS. And you only get ONE (1) ticket!

2.5. Do NOT send your KS to anyone! It will be subtracted from your account.

3. Every ticket is a risk, but every ticket has a chance of winning! You have a certain chance of landing on a fake ticket, which is a loss. D: But you might land on a ticket that will earn you either a Muerto Choopa or a Muerto Batti!

4. NO WHINING! This is a risk raffle. If you do not win, it was the luck of the draw.

5. You have until June 30, 2011, at 11:59PM EST to buy a ticket! On July 1st, I'll roll the results, and you'll know whether your ticket was a real one or not!

[* Bought Tickets
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Re: [* Mini-Muerto Contest...o?

Postby Chayden » 06/24/2011 9:34 PM

Ambre enjoyed the fine life. Top hats, canes, fancy dresses and balls - the whole shebang.
Being a lowly street actor, he probably wouldn't get a chance to have that fine life. Instead, he was going to try for some companionship [aside from the glow, of course].
It was lonely with me, myself, and I drudging about in his head, you know.
The Tali-man just so happened to be strolling by, whistling a showtune, of course. He stopped mid-note to read a sign advertising a risk raffle.
"WIN a Muerto Batti or Choopa," he read. "Only 25 KS."
He straightened, brushing imaginary dust from the front of his vest. "Well, I made about that much last night at the show; let's try it out. Edward, you said? Well, hello, Edward," Ambre said, offering a salute and a handful of Keystones produced from thin air. "I'd like you to meet this little fellow here. He adds up to 25 KS and a winner, I'd like to think."
With the keystones safely handed in, the Tali began to walk away, swinging a finger as he began to whistle again. "I'll be back to see if I've won!"
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Re: [* Mini-Muerto Contest...o?

Postby HunnyBun » 06/24/2011 9:47 PM

"Ooooh~" Said the girl as she ran up to the raffle stand.
A fuzzy haired man followed after her, pushing through the crowd.
"Mookie, get back 'ere! I dun want use ta get separated!" He called after her.
Her eyes widened at the prizes.
"Oh, Stotch. Can I get a ticket? Please?" She begged. "It's only 25ks."
He crossed his arms. "No, we barely 'ave enough ta get by. We dun need ta waste et on something like dis." He replied sternly.
"Oh come one Stotch." She whined. "I won't ask for anything else the rest of the week."
She gripped his trench coat and pulled at it. He sighed, he always had a soft spot for her.
"Fine, but dis is da only ting I get ya this week." He repeated, making sure she remembered.
Her face brightened and she bounced around excited. "Thank you, thank you, thank you." She said, reaching into one of his coat pockets and fishing the money out.
Running back, she handed the money over. "One ticket, please." She said, smiling widely.

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Re: [* Mini-Muerto Contest...o?

Postby zapdragon555 » 06/24/2011 11:58 PM

Define: Risk. Alpha-01 stared at the sign over the Muerto Batti's head, which read 'risk raffle' in bold letters. Risk - noun; the possibility of suffering harm or loss. He cocked his head to the side. He had guessed that a raffle was similar to some sort of game of chance, judging from the large number of people filling out ballots. Wait. Wasn't chance similar to risk? Alpha shrugged and scurried up to the Batti. "I will be entering this raffle of... risk," he said in a monotone voice. "Therefore I will require one ticket, coming to a cost of 25 keystones." He promptly handed the correct amount over. The Velix was about to turn and leave, when he remembered another bit of research he had come across earlier. "Thank you." Manners were important to communication, apparently.

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Re: [* Mini-Muerto Contest...o?

Postby jaden_wolf » 06/25/2011 2:15 AM

Approaching the stand for the raffle was a clone of Jaden, as always, and...woah, wait a minute. It appears it was not Carina who was sent today. It appears she got her wish and was given the day off! But...now it appears the second oldest, Dusk, had taken her place. ...Well...she was certainly in the right place. Here was a risk taker...right here. For a polite way of putting it. Anyway...
The girl paused only to look around before dashing up to the front so fast, she almost rivaled the Flash or Superman (ok, maybe not THAT fast, but fast). So fast, in fact, she barely gave herself any room to stop and collided with the wood, slamming her hands down on the surface with just a loud a bang as the collusion.
"Hi-dee-hi! SoIheardtherewasthisfunawesomelittlethingergoingonhererightandIwasalllikeohemgeeIisgottogo...do...that. Sorry, my sister always says I totally have to stop doing that because it hurts people's head even if it doesn't bother mebecauseI'malwayshyperandenergeticand...oh em gee, I totally did it again. Maybe it was the sugar-y lunch I had...or the caffeine. Yup, lotsa caffeine! Did you know pop has caffeine in it? And tea has more caffeine than coffee? I like that word. Caffeine. It's spelled so funny too! And...what was I doing here? Oh, right, raffle." The girl stopped her...energetic ramble and took a deep breath. Oh dear.
"So may I have a risk ticket please?" she as-woah, wait, that's it?
Wow, and here I was expecting a big, long-winded...something. And she just skips out like it's nothing...oh hey, wait! Where are you going? Aren't you going to see if you've won!? Ah well, I assume someone will be back later to check. See? I'm the narrator and even I don't know what that girl is doing, nevermind what goes on in that head. So, since I've completely screwed up my role in this anyway, I'll just say "thank you" on her behalf. Also, she left the ks when she slammed down her hands there. No not there, to your left...a bit more...yes, that is hers. Thank you again.

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Re: [* Mini-Muerto Contest...o?

Postby Soriana » 06/25/2011 7:09 AM

It was perfectly reasonable that he should be here, in the flesh. (It wasn't exactly his flesh, but that's beside the point.) He had the capacity to be no one but himself, and that self was a footman. Born and bred. Tall, strapping, handsome, and of pleasing countenance, he was everything an aristocrat desired in his manservant. This, and his workhorse-like inclinations to push himself to his limits on a daily basis, would never change. He was adamant to serve, 18th century Georgian England or no 18th century Georgian England. Even in the latter scenario, he found there were plenty of people in the same vein of society as those he left behind. It wasn't long before he was hired by a new master, a mysterious man clothed in black who never showed his face. However, he could not mask his noble qualities from the first of his new footmen--the way he spoke and carried himself were marks of a well-brought up gentleman. He somehow reminded the footman of the knights of old, with chivalric tones accenting his words and the flow of his thoughts. He was kind, perhaps the most selfless man the footman ever served--the latter often found the former in some park or other, regaling the Evelonian youth with wonderful adventure stories. He gave much of what he had to those less fortunate, the footman noticed. But he was lonely and pensive, and appeared to be harboring a great deal of regret. This made the footman all the more eager to find new ways to improve his master's disposition.

And then there were the codenames. The footman would never think his master paranoid, but such actions gave the distinct impression that he was caught up in something far beyond the servant's understanding. Once, he asked the footman if he could provide him with a designation to be used for outings and other such ventures. It had been the easiest task of the footman's career. "Black Knight," he had replied. "For you are the closest I have known to chivalry, sir." His master chuckled. "Do you jest?" had been his foremost reaction. Alas, he liked the name, and began using it for everything.

Today was Saturday, and the footman had been relieved of his duties, having been encouraged by the "Black Knight" to "enjoy himself for once." Thus, he was here sniffing out excitement of his own accord. A raffle seemed like the perfect opportunity to let loose and do something irresponsible for a change. His master had presented him with a purse of spending money out of his own account, but the footman would sooner dance on hot coals than waste the man's money--he'd brought his own little sack of keystones, instead.

"A bet? Much obliged, Mister... Edward. Vester Reynard Sherwood, at your service. This is my first instance betting. I've been afforded the opportunity plenty, but never... took the initiative. In any case, I've always assumed its aesthetics to be a clear indication of the level of skill involved." Vester revealed the small package that was hidden in the lining of his coat. "Twenty-five keystones for one ticket." He shook the coins, as if their jingling and jangling drove his ultimatum home. "You may notify me of my winnings, but I strongly dissuade you coming to call unless your visit is prearranged. My master is often out on business, and I don't approve of keeping company while he is away. Good day, sir."

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Re: [* Mini-Muerto Contest...o?

Postby jackie125 » 06/25/2011 9:47 AM

Cloverta had heard about those Muerto creatures. They were very bright and colorful, not at all something she liked, but her owner loved the brightness and colors of the things.  She knew that she could not simply buy one. There were not that many around. But, a contest was a better bet. And 25KS is probably a lot less then you could buy one for. She walked by the contest area, and a raffle was being held. For some Muerto creatures. Finally, a way to get one! She went in and said to the Batti standing there, "I would like to buy a ticket please." , and with that she placed a bag of 25KS in his hand.
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Re: [* Mini-Muerto Contest...o?

Postby Aussie » 06/26/2011 9:00 AM

Through the crowds went an odd little Piyo. He danced from one foot to the other as he weaved around the people, a blue box bouncing behind him by a string. It almost looked as if he were doing a sort of jig. When he saw the risk raffle, he jumped in the air, letting out a miniscule squack and his wings fluttered beside him. Walking to the back of the line, he seemed slightly dismayed at how many people were in front of him. That didn't last for long though, and he was instantly scurrying up the Paragon's tail. Sounds of "Excuse me" and "Sorry" could be heard from him as he jumped from one head to the next, finally jumping down onto the table and bowing. "!Hola sen~or!" he said enthusiasticly. "Un billeto, por favor - Oh, you don't speak Spanish? Lo siento." Yipo lifted his giftbox up, as something rattled inside of it. "I was justing asking for one raffle ticket, if I may." He laughed as he opened the box, dumping 25 Keystones on the counter. "Thank you!" The albino piyo started whistling as it hopped off the booth, the other contesters in line glaring at him as he left.

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Re: [* Mini-Muerto Contest...o?

Postby Kylo » 06/26/2011 9:44 PM

An odd looking camo kuhna walked in and sniffed about. His current employer was obsessed with all things relating to death and had demanded that someone went out to get him one. He scratched his scar and went over the oddly brightly colored bat creature and studied it for a moment before speaking. "Hello. I vould like a raffle ticket, ja?" He scratched at his scar again and hoped that the bat would understand what he ment through his thick germanic accent. He remembered then that he owed the creature some money. "Oh sorry. Here is your money." He dropped the keystones on the counter and recieved his ticket. Grinning crookedly he then left the building with the ticket safely in his grasp.

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Re: [* Mini-Muerto Contest...o?

Postby Sappheara » 06/30/2011 11:20 PM

Libitina ran across the worn path. She was late, she was always late, never on time for anything. At least she made it to the contest before it ended. The Choopa was out of breath, trying to breath slowly, so she could speak. Libitina looked at the Batti that stood before her, then everyone else who as waiting for their results. Clearing her throat, she spoke. "I'm I on time?" Shaking her head at that thought and not waiting for the Batti to answer her question, she spoke again. "Never mind..." Waving her paws in front of her. "I would like to buy one Risk Ticket, please." She pulled at her messager bag that hung around her shoulders close to her chest, as she looked around the bag. "Oh, no, I believe..." Labitina trailed off for a bit, as she started to panic. The Choopa was about to dump the contents out of her bag, until couple of keystones touched her paws. "Found them!" The Choopa smiled, placing the 25 keystones on the table. Taking the Risk Ticket from the Batti, she waited patiently for her results.
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Re: [* Mini-Muerto Contest...o?

Postby Omnisearch » 09/29/2011 9:34 PM


... Hi. I hope you remember me. I'm the Hispanic-based Muerto Batti named Edward, who left you all hanging since June 30th.

Since you've been waiting for 3 months for a bet, and since some people clearly forgot that they'd enrolled 25 of their Keystones here, I won't charge you guys for participating.

So I bet you're probably sick of my face now, so I'll just tell you the winners, okay? ... Okay.

Chayden: Congratulations! You won a Muerto Batti!

haunting-ur-nightmares: Congratulations! You won a Muerto Choopa!

zapdragon555: Your ticket was a dud. Instead, you won 50KS! Good for you.

jaden_wolf: Your ticket was a fake. Sorry, you won nothing! Better luck next time.

Soriana: Your ticket was a dud. Instead, you won 50KS. Good for you.

jackie125: Congratulations! You won a Muerto Batti!

Aussie: Your ticket was a dud. Instead, you won 50KS. Good for you.

Talcen: Congratulations! You won a Muerto Choopa!

Sappheara: Your ticket was a dud. Instead, you won 50KS. Good for you.

Congrats to those who won. I hope you enjoyed it, despite me working in Hispanic Minutos (no, I ignore the meaning of being politically-correct; why?) and maybe I'll have more little stuff in store for you at some point. Once I've dealt with my time-management skills.
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