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Re: .:Contest 18:.

Postby Bug-A-Boo » 11/15/2011 3:40 PM

Most of my ideas will probably suck or sound stupid, but just throwing them out there...

-Wearing the skull of its victim, like a mask
-Without the skull, looking more...feral? Distraught? Perhaps with its teeth bared and looking like its about to attack, or looking depressed, possibly crying, without it?

-Instead of the reptilian tail, perhaps have rooster-like feathers?
-Instead of the reptilian tail, give it like a peacock type feathers?
-Give it's head more of a beak at the end, making it more "birdlike"

-Make the fins more like that of a manta ray
-Remove fins completely, giving it more of a "sea-snake" look

-Remove the wings
-Exchange the sword-like hands for a different weapon...a mace, perhaps, or a battleaxe.

-Make a koala-type one
-Make a polar bear-type one

Bubble Spirit
-Make a "fire spirit" with flames inside of lava bubbles or something like that
-Make an "earth spirit" with crystal shards inside of a rock-shaped bubble or something

-Give it a body with scales, like a dragon
-Change the hooves to dragon claws
-Give it a dragon's head, perhaps breathing fire?

-Give one angel's wings, and one demon's wings
-Make the ears "floppy" like that of an adorable little puppy

-Remove the flames, and give it a normal cat's tail
-Remove the flames, and give it a short, bobbed tail, like this
-Remove the flames, give it more "cat-like" features, and give it Siamese markings
-Remove the flames, give it more "cat-like" features, and give it markings like a wildcat, such as a tiger, cheetah, or something like that.
-Give it a mane, like a lion

((May edit this with more later))
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Re: .:Contest 18:.

Postby ShadowStitches » 11/18/2011 3:16 AM

okay here we go.
I modified the original pictures (badly) so I hope thats okay?
if not I can take them down and just describe them ;)

Tropical Teigu
/I guess there is not much to say about this one...my least creative.

Falcon Slynx
a wierd crossbreed between bird of prey and cat, these guys are extremely fast flyers who feel at home in the air much more then on the ground. They have to eat a lot tho, since they burn an emense amount of calories when they fly.

Psycho mekkayena
Okay. if you see one of these guys....run. run as fast as you can.
their 4 ears make them exxelent hunters, and their methods to kill their prey could be only described as sadistic. A pack hunter, these guys do seem to be somewhat organized, but often lack common sense and social behavior. No one is quite sure if they are directly linked to the original mekkayena species, or are an
entirely different breed. They have a very trademark-y high pitched giggle....

edit: okay, just read that the idea with the second set of ears already was mentioned on other pets...
really did not read that suggestion tho, since I honestly only read the rules and instantly began...
just wanted to clarify that I'm not stealing here...

Monster Bleeder
A bleeder gone completely wrong. This thing somehow managed to become a real...creature, and plans on keeping it that way. it developped the second set of arms to cling more firmly to theyr victims. they are extremely possesive, and are afraid that their master might fall in love, alltho they are capable of surviving on their own. they just...dont want to share. Highly manipulative, Monster bleeders whisper lies into their 'masters' ear, trying to drive them away from their love interest. Because of this, they are often called Heartbreaker Bleeder.

earthbound quicksylph
an odd breed of this species, this fella does not loose its liquid at all...it seems to be rather solid, actually.
however, these flightless creatures do dissapear just like their cousins...they only crumble rather then drip.
Earthbound quicksylphs are rather close to nature, and love to be in the woods. their big hands help them to dig holes to hide stuff they found in.
and...one who probably disqualifies, but I couldnt resist. I just love gasmasks far too much for my own good...
Biohazard Malphas
These things survive even the most vast and poisenous environments. incredibly hardy, they re as good scouts as they re fighters. sadly, dwelling in such dangerous areas an situations seems to have left them a little...brain damaged. they are adrenalin junkies, and often seem to have other, even more worrying features. they are not agrresive towards their owners/employers tho.

please pardon my bad english today....
also, the descriptions are only ideas of course^^''
Cannot say, I'm breaking the rules
If I can glue em back together.


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Re: .:Contest 18:.

Postby Zoophilos » 11/29/2011 10:53 PM

"Shallow-water" Ichthysaur, with a blueish (maybe Cobalt hued) body instead of gray, and pale blue or white stripes on the back.
"Crystal" Akail, brightly colored with similarly-colored chunks of crystal on its back - pink, red or yellow - whatever color of crystal is found in the Craiss Caverns.
An Imeut that's Mayan or Incan-themed, instead of Egyptian.  They built pyramids, too.
Starcheeka!  (Self-explanatory, I think!)
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Kreepy's /Attempt/ At An Entry. 8U

Postby Kreepy » 11/30/2011 7:50 PM

H'okey~ Gonna. Get my entry in last minute. :C Well. Just. Some sort of entry. Y'know? 8U

Nonaga - "Lizard Nonaga"?
Uh. 8U Remove the 'hood' element and redraw the tail so it ends in a point rather than a stinger.
Also remove the spikes on the elbow and back. (Though, looking at the image, this does look somewhat difficult to achieve.

Evergreen - "Shrub Evergreen"?
Remove the 'stilt/peg legs' and replace them with shaggy legs, similar to the appearance of the arms.
Possibly remove the puff and bell on the tail too.

Remove the wings completely and increase bulk of the mane.

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Postby Kyrit » 12/03/2011 2:27 PM


Guess you're all waiting for those winners, huh? Well, it's safe to say this is a pretty easy contest to go ahead and announce the winners of. The first place winner will either have to wait until the lineart is done to get their custom or choose an Alonia pet. Either one is fine. All other prizes will be sent out shortly though.

1st place - Thunder - Shark Werebetta
2nd place - Krypto - Shrub Evergreen
Shieba - Phoenix Polly
Freezair - Holdai Whispwings

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