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Re: [* Kuhna Raffle #2: Ancient Set!

Postby Azura Rayume » 03/30/2014 4:03 PM

Belle simply couldn't help it. They were all so beautiful with this shimmering flames and striking colors... Oh, Ancients were simply beautiful! The Merkuhna girl pushed forward through the crowd, trying to catch a glimpse of the finely colored creatures.

They were up for raffle, which didn't sit quite right with her, seeing as how she was a Kuhna herself. However, it seemed that winning would be the only way she could admire them all together after the end date, so she really had no choice but to enter. "Excuse me," she said, polite as ever, "I would like to enter the raffle, if you please."

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Re: [* Kuhna Raffle #2: Ancient Set!

Postby Pickle » 03/30/2014 4:56 PM


The woman's bouncing pink ponytail stood out like a highlighter against the crowd.  Aaralyn, exuberant as ever, made her way through the festivities, stopping here and there to explore the newly developed merchandise and taste-testing all the new sweets her tongue desired.  

She didn't need to walk far before she came to a halt at the end of a long line.  With no knowledge of what it was for or where it went, she waited patiently to be surprised.  Eventually the line subsided enough for her turn to surface, and she took the opportunity to step up to the small boy operating the stand.

"Hi - oh, this is a raffle?  How exciting! - Yes, I'd certainly like to join.  Is there a fee?  No?  Excellent.  Just put my name down then, please.  Aaralyn; A-A-R-A-L-Y-N.  Sorry, I don't give out my last name.  I'm sure my first is unique enough to stand out.  I'll be around for when the results are called, for sure.  Thank you!"

With that, she went on her merry way to uncover what other surprises and fun awaited.

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Re: [* Kuhna Raffle #2: Ancient Set!

Postby Mojave » 03/30/2014 9:03 PM

As per their plan, Rainbow arrived at the booth where a set of ancients was being raffled. As the fastest flying pony in Evelon, she arrived seconds after leaving the elder booth. This time, the line was longer and seemed to be moving slower. She became rather impatient, wondering if Vinyl would get to the fourth booth sooner than her and leave. It hadn't seemed as if her friend was very ecstatic about the giveaways, so she probably wouldn't wait for Rainbow too long.

As she waited in line, she listened to the talk around her about new genes, new offspring, a new breeding system at the breeding facility (whatever that was), and the release of breeding rooms at that facility. She knew only a handful of kuhnas herself, they not being too populous at the Manor. She couldn't help but envision herself and Vinyl as the winners of all the prizes- it stated plainly that it could happen, after all. And this train of thought (or rather the praise she believed she would earn with such an accomplishment) sustained her through the rest of the wait.

Before she even arrived at the booth, she and the others directly around her discovered why the line was moving so slow. Now in a hurry, Rainbow signed Mojave's name on the paper again, and took off in a flash before the little guy running the booth could finish his spiel.

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Re: [* Kuhna Raffle #2: Ancient Set!

Postby jobiehanna » 03/30/2014 10:08 PM

While Jobie entered them into the first raffle, Monroe was to enter them into second one. This one was very packed and he felt claustrophobic as he waited in the line. People chattered everywhere and he really just wanted to get back to Jobie and finish this mission. He looked anxiously around, keeping an eye on his other companions. They seemed to be alright so far. When it was finally his turn the ginger man gave the boy a smile. "Hi, I need to enter the raffle, please," he said politely.

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Re: [* Kuhna Raffle #2: Ancient Set!

Postby Jaden Wolf » 03/30/2014 11:01 PM

Aquatica felt a little bad about suddenly ditching Berry back there, especially since she had offered to go with her, but she knew Berry wouldn't much mind...that lady was so very gentle, unlike her. But she SWORE she saw Kumo towering over the crowd. Man had the nerve to reject her family, and then rope in her eldest daughter the second she was old enough (and that's a matter of opinion) and finally, they had a child. A CHILD. Not that she didn't love her grandson. In fact, in her mind, she was willing to forgive Kumo as long as he spent every waking hour making his family happy. Friday and Monday were certainly not here, so why in the world would Kumo be? The NERVE. Anyhow, Satou had popped up with tears in her eyes saying that she really wanted to enter all of the raffles as a gift for Jaden, but she didn't have the time as she promised to meet Irihi later to celebrate. Taking pity on the girl, Tick promised to stay in the longest line and get a ticket. Though, she suspected that Satou was covering for Kumo, being his sister and all, she couldn't really say no. Her family isn't her fault after all.
She spent her entire time in the line fuming about Kumo enjoying himself with his little boy cooped up at home, and before she knew it, she was at the booth. After having various souvenirs shoved into her hands (which she decided to give to Monday, to make up for his ignorant father), the vendor started prattling off some kuhna facts. Tick scoffed at the 'social creatures' comment and muttered, "tell that to my son-in-law". Waving a hand dismissively at his apology for talking too much, she took the ticket with a confident smile.
"Thanks, kid. I take it this means I've joined your raffle, then?" without waiting for an answer, she waved a goodbye before hunting through the crowd for a particular kuhna...

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Postby Sappheara » 04/01/2014 3:43 AM

Enigma blow out a tried breath, she was sent here by her Mitra. She was told that there was an raffle being held because of some big event. She couldn’t recall what event it was because she was to busy watching the QVC channel which always got Enigma’s attention no matter what they were selling. She was in her human form, she didn’t want to scare anyone in her Krone demon form. Enigma brush her black short bangs from her forehead as she push pass the crowd to get to the front. With a stern soft voice she spoke to the person who was holding the raffle. “Hi! I would like a ticket for this raffle, please.” Enigma back behind her, she wasn’t comfortable with large crowds. The demon looked to the left side of her and saw a few people standing on the side. She walked towards and waited to see if her ticket would be called.
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Re: [* Kuhna Raffle #2: Ancient Set!

Postby Jessari » 04/01/2014 8:02 AM

"Springtime, the only pretty ring-time
Birds sing a-ding-a-ding-a-ding
Sweet lovers love the Spring!"

Murdock sang as he waited in line for the raffle, earning him no small amount of sideways glances. He didn't seem to mind - in fact, he made eye contact with as many people as he could, his laughing eyes inviting them to join in. No one did, although some of the younger children about him smiled and giggled. Their moms tugged them closer, not wanting them to garner too much attention from the strange man. It didn't bother him, not really. It was a gorgeous day, he was working on a suntan (and perhaps a bit of a sunburn after the long winter), and nothing was going to bring his spirits down. He took a short break from singing when he reached the desk, just long enough to say, "A ticket to the raffle for the flamey-tail kitties, please!" and then he pranced away through the crowd. Above the noise, his voice raised in yet another song,

"I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts, deedle-dee!"

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Re: [* Kuhna Raffle #2: Ancient Set!

Postby Elektra » 04/01/2014 3:41 PM

Having just entered the mystery raffle, Elektra found herself following a group who had just done the same, and had begun talking about yet another raffle, but this time for Ancient Kuhnas.  A whole set of them, according to one of the louder girls.  One was rare enough - a whole set, for free?  Unheard of.  After making sure she knew about where this particular raffle was, she stopped trailing the group and sped up, eager to see if it was really true.

There were even more people around this particular booth, but she figured that the wait was well worth it.  After ten or so minutes, she arrived at the front of the booth, and filled out a ticket that looked similar to the one she'd just completed at the other raffle.  Handing it back, she left with a quick thank you, hoping to look around more before the results were announced.

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Re: [* Kuhna Raffle #2: Ancient Set!

Postby Jedi » 04/01/2014 4:42 PM


Gareth had heard the news of a raffle going on soon, so he made his way to the marketplace. When he got there, he couldn't believe his eyes. "They're raffling off the Ancient Kuhna's? And in a new form?" he said, unable contain his thoughts. He rushed up to the booth, tripping over his wings. "Could I get a ticket, please?" he asked when he got there. After grabbing the slip, he found himself being pushed to the outside by other hopeful contestants.

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Re: [* Kuhna Raffle #2: Ancient Set!

Postby crow » 04/01/2014 5:07 PM


... How exactly did he get roped into this? That was the million-keystone question as far as Rhodes was concerned. He deeply regretted mentioning the festival now, though to be fair, he hadn't exactly anticipated that he himself would be beseeched to come along. Furthermore, he had lost track of Sivain and the lady almost as soon as he arrived. For a creature of as small a stature as himself, it was a dire situation indeed. He was nearly stepped on twice, and his nerves were quite frazzled.

He found some reprieve in a place where the crowd stayed mostly still. It was only after he was nearly at the booth that he realized it was a line-up. He looked around with some alarm--- he could only see the bottom of the booth, not the top, and couldn't tell what it was that he had lined up for. Then it was too late, and it was his turn next. He considered bolting, but curiosity got the better of him and he leaped up neatly to the table surface, surveying the pamphlet.

"I suppose this is the sort of thing we would go for, yes," he said, though his voice suggested that he himself wasn't particularly interested. Too many cats in one place tended to lead to trouble, one way or another. "Yes, I would like a ticket, please."

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Re: [* Kuhna Raffle #2: Ancient Set!

Postby FrostWynd » 04/01/2014 7:28 PM

"Haaah..." A sigh escaped his lips. Although he was so sure that his sister would be fine, Malique couldn't help but worry a little bit. He knew how she could get sometimes, and with a crowd like this, something could happen if neither of them were careful. Fortunately for him, he was a little more graceful about weaving his way through the crowd. Although, the size of the line for this booth in particular was astounding to the male. Patiently, he tried to await his turn, but all this waiting was starting to make him antsy. *If I don't hurry, Safira will end up finishing first and waiting on me.* And in his book, that wasn't a good thing. Unable to sit still, he tried peering around some people to see just how much longer it would be. He was only imagining just how excruciatingly slow it was being, and it wasn't that long before he finally came up to the booth. He returned the boy's greeting with a nod and smile of his own. Not quite expecting to get some random stuff in the process.

"Oh, uh... Thanks, I guess." This stuff wasn't really his thing, so he didn't seem enthused nor interested in it. The only thing he had his eye on, was the raffle prizes. Being pressed for time, it took all of his self-control to keep him in place, listening to Kuhna facts. (Which even he had to admit, were fascinating things to learn about.) The albino seemed to mean well, even if it didn't really help the line move fast enough. "Right." Malique finally said once the boy was finished. "I'd like a ticket for this raffle, please." Finally getting what he came for, the male wasted no time in getting out of the way for the other people. Just one more booth, and then it would be time to return to his sister. Speaking of which... "She might like and want this stuff." He said, as he glanced at the merchandise he received. Pretty much lugging it along as he headed for the next booth.

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Re: [* Kuhna Raffle #2: Ancient Set!

Postby FrostyRae » 04/02/2014 11:30 PM


Raven arrived at the second stand and encountered one of the children that the woman had so proudly mentioned. The young man was an albino like his mother and that was lovely to see. It appeared this booth was for the raffle to win a set of the Ancient Kuhnas. To be honest, she was looking forward to entering all the raffles and hearing the decisions of the winners. Perhaps she would be lucky for an event or two? "Thank you for the merchandise! Dear lord this plush is adorable! Of course I will enter the raffle," Raven said joyfully.
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Re: [* Kuhna Raffle #2: Ancient Set!

Postby Eunwon » 04/02/2014 11:55 PM

Zoarth continued to cheerfully amble his way through the crowd. The playful and excited chatter around him lifted his already high spirits. He squeezed his way through a few more open gaps among the mass of people and creatures. After some more very tiresome hours - well, minutes, but it felt like hours - Zoarth found himself in front of a younger man, as pale as the women at the previous booth. "Oh hi again! I mean, not again, this is the first time I saw you. I saw someone like you just a little bit ago. Never mind. Hi - not again. Just plain hi." Zoarth had just found out the tickets were entries for raffles where he could win his very own Kuhnas! His rambling was the result of his uncontrollable excitement. Imagine the fun he could have with a pet like that! Zoarth had to admit, being the only child at the lab could get exceedingly boring at times. He usually did a good job of keeping himself entertained, but with Kuhnas that job would be much easier. In fact, it wouldn't even be a job. Just lots and lots of never-ending fun. "I would like ONE MILLION tickets please because I would really like ONE MILLION Kuhnas. If not, the usual one ticket would be fine. Just know I would really appreciate one million!"

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Re: [* Kuhna Raffle #2: Ancient Set!

Postby Omnisearch » 04/03/2014 8:48 PM


Thanks a lot for participating, guys! I'm glad the raffles were a success and that many people participated in all of them. Maybe if people really like these, we can hold more in the future.

For now, the winner of the Ancient Kuhna Set is...


Congratulations! You'll receive your prize shortly in your PMs.
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