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Postby Arillumia » 07/02/2008 3:01 PM

As flattered as he was (which wasn't very much), Xai're couldn't help but wonder if it was possible, being the god of Death, to kill himself. He was positive it would be far better than dying from the poison those two were attempting to pass off as a cake.
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Postby Hannah Kerela » 07/02/2008 4:27 PM

Moofius/Kodai: Oh Xai're~
Xai're: Oh no.
Moofius: We got you a cake!
Kodai: With frosting!
Xai're: Why me...?
Moofius/Kodai: Because we love you!
Xai're: When I die, I'm going to haunt you. Violently.
Moofius/Kodai: ...o:o... *flee*

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Postby acf7 » 07/02/2008 5:05 PM

Kodai/Moofius: "Happy first picture day!"
Xai: *bored and sarcastic* "Hip, hip hooray for meh."
Moofius:  "Here have some-" *trips over tail*
Xai:  *With forced patience, wipes cake from face before turning to the two girls.**Takes one menacing step forward*
Kodai: "She did it!" *points and runs*
Moofius: *smiles sweetly before running off*
Xai: *runs after*
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Postby Polaris » 07/02/2008 7:16 PM

As Xai're stares belatedly at the cake, protesting bleakly, "See, thing is guys, I'm part machine. I don't do the whole 'eating' thing," and wonders how he can get out of this... this thing the two came up with, Kodai wonders where Xai're got that smexy tattoo from- and which lucky duck gave it to him.

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Postby Jaden Wolf » 07/02/2008 8:13 PM

Xai're: *sees Moof and Kodai* What...?
Moof: Happy first-picture day!
Kodai: Here's your cake!
Xai're: ...
Moof: *resists urge to poke god of death*...what?
Xai're: Where are the tacos?
Moof: ...
Kodai: ...you DID bring the tacos didn't you?
Moof: Hehe...*flees*
Xai're: *nudges fallen cake with foot* No...tacos?

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Postby J'Tal » 07/02/2008 9:58 PM

Lord Xai're: " 'sup"
Moofius: "Cake!!"
Kodai: "And I'm left with the explanation. You see, the cake is a gift from Baal to all of you because this is the first caption contest...

-Long technical explanation-

Kodai: ...and that is why we are here."
Moofius: "Cake!!"
Lord Xai're: "bye" *leaves*
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Postby Citanul » 07/02/2008 11:38 PM

Moofius and Kodai had finally gotten it right - Lord Xai're's love of tacos and their love of baking was met with avacado flavored frosting.
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Postby Kelica » 07/02/2008 11:46 PM

And as Moofius and Kodai went about their cheerful congratulations on Xai's first picture, the Death God pondered just how many minions he should bother with on these two annoying stalkers....
Just returned and getting back in the swing of things! 8D; Expect this space to be filled by something interesting soon. o3o;
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Postby Fallen_Snow » 07/03/2008 1:42 PM

Xai: Yet again, everyone's seem to have forgotten the tacos.
Moof: *slaps him* NO BEEF! D<
Xai: *tries to imagine a large stack of tacos where the cake is* You sure...?
Kodai: Can't you just be good with cake?
Xai: I'm the god of Death. I don't eat sweets. >_>
Moof: Not even cake?
Xai: ESPECIALLY not cake. It gives me... um... gas.
Moof and Kodai: *gigglesnort*
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Postby Rayinuya » 07/03/2008 3:00 PM

Moofius & Kodai:"Happy Birthday Xai!" *whips out cake*
*Lord Xai're looks at it in shock and backs away*
Lord Xai're:"W..what is that?"
Moofius:"It's a cake! Don't you know what a cake is?"
Lord Xai're:"That thing is called a cake?Is it edible?"
Kodai:"Of course it's edible!Now lets cut it so we can eat it."
*Begins cutting it*
Lord Xai're:"Eat it! How could you eat it! It has such a high concentration of fats and sugars that one lick could kill you! I actually use it to kill people!"
Kodai:"That is so untrue! To prove it, I will eat some."
*Fork and slice of cake magically appear and Kodai takes a bite*
*slow motion* Lord Xai're: Nooooo!
Kodai:"See, nothing happ-"
*Falls to ground*
Moofius:"Kodai?" *Pokes with stick*
Lord Xai're:"See!"
*Running in circles and screaming*Moofius:"Get the paramedics!"
Lord Xai're:"This is the reason why I like tacos better."
*Lord Xai're walks away, leaving a screaming Moofius and a "dead" Kodai(who is just unconscious.)*
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Postby Silverin » 07/03/2008 5:51 PM

Xai're's horrid day.

A year or so ago Moofius and Kodai had decided to make July first Lord Xai're's birthday because very one knows that gods have always existed and never had a birth date known by others even if they where born of other gods, only the gods knew of when they where born, and never told a soul of when it was, and some just existed and never had one in the first place. Any ways this horrid day as Xai're called it had come around once again and once again he wanted to have no part of it but was forced out of hiding by Moofius and Kodai....

Xai're was walking down the stairs looking very irritated that he had been woken up this early in the morning as he was not much of a morning person. As he walked down the stairs he wondered what he was up for this year. Then suddenly Moofius and Kodai came out of nowhere and grabbed him by his arms and dragged him down the stairs. As he was still half asleep he just plain fell flat on his face. Moofius and Kodai looked at him waiting for him to get up. He lifted his face off the floor looking very irritated at them. "What do you want?" he growled with a slight urge to kill them. Moofius just bust  out loud with a big grin on her face and her eyes shut " HAPPY BIRTHDAY XAI!!!!!" she had yelled in Xai're's face. He now looked a bit stunned as he tried to make his ears stop ringing. Then Kodai spoke up "We got a special surprise for you this time Xai!". "And what would that be, another cake" he replied sarcastically now remembering the last time they had tried to make the cake taste like tacos but they had failed miserably and he suffered a week of his form of torture, trying to make him eat it. Moofius and Kodai just looked at each other and Kodai just said "Well you will have to come with use to find out." as they each took a arm and dragged a struggling Xai're rather reluctantly behind them. They took him up to a chair and sat him in it, in fount of him was a big present. "What is this?" He asked poking the package looking slightly annoyed. Moofius replied to his question "Why that is a present and it's for you!" she said smiling at him. He looked back at the package on the table in front of him, he began to think to him self what could be in it I doubt it would do any harm in opening it, would it? He began to unravel the rapping paper from it and opened the box. In side the box was a small photo of last years birthday for him. He then looked at them quite irritated at them "Where did you get this photo and who took it?!" He said in a angry voice. Kodai replied "Well Baals took it with out you knowing and we asked for a copy of it." She said looking innocent. "And now Baals is making a contest out of it. "Moofius the added on also sounding innocent. "I don't recall wanting my photo taken, nor did I want it to be even shown to the public." he said sounding even more angry. He then walks off going on a Baals hunt. Leaving Moofius and Kodai try to contact Baals and warn Baals of the coming of the furious god.

(Sorry if it is alot long <^^>)

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Postby Ander » 07/03/2008 7:13 PM

Xai're blinked, watching the girls in front of him and wondering why, just why, they were here. And why they had called him here. And why in the world were they holding cake?

"It's the first of July!" Moofius cried, smiling brightly. She held the cake out suggestively. "Happy first! See? One candle!"

Another blink. "You called me here... for cake?" He looked incredulous. At least, he probably looked incredulous. It was kind of hard to tell. "To celebrate the first of July. Nevermind that I have lives to watch over, and am the god of Death, or anything."

"Nope!" Kodai smiled softly. Moofius' smile grew even brighter, were that possible. "It matches your outfit. See?" And of course, Xai're had to agree with her, and wonder where the girls had found a frosting that exactly matched his eye color.

"Have a piece of cake, Xai're." The procliamed Stat Lady ignored her victim's raised brow. "It's delicious."

"And we made it just for yooo-ooou! And you hardly eat anything anymore, I know you're a god and all, but geez..." Moofius tilted the cake even further toward the god. Any more hinting, in fact, and she might end up dumping it on him.

Xai're blinked yet again, sliding a hand along his hip. Well... He was getting a bit skinny...

Moofius interrupted his musings. "Ooooh, smile! Picture time!"

"What? What picture?" Xai're blinked, confused (or perhaps angry. Or maybe he didn't care one way or the other) - but the deed had been done. The god of Death and the two girls were immortalized forever on film. Xai're, vainly checking his weight. Moofius, smiling bright and picture-perfect. And Kodai, staring with an odd intensity at Xai're's tattoo, as she had been ever since his eating habits were mentioned. Just staring at that tattoo. And, perhaps, the stomach attached to it.

Xai're frowned. He'd done so well avoiding such a thing. Just who was behind that camera?!

...And Baal smiled, stepping around the camera, admiring the picture she had so carefully taken. "Yo, guys." she said brightly. This was a really great picture. Heck... she could even throw a contest with this if she wanted to... Hmm...

((EDIT: The cake is a lie. [/endobscurereference]))
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Postby Kitsune_Beauty » 07/03/2008 8:10 PM

Xai're: This certainly isn't what I hoped for on my first real appearence. ~_~;

Moofius/Kodai: Welcome to Evelon, evil god of uber shexiness!

Xai're: Okay so let me get this straight; the evil lord of death himself decides to come terrify and maybe kill some people, and I come face to face with two girls, a cake, and have a party hat stuck on my head?

Kodai: We could let you meet the new primal Paragons that just arrived.

Xai're: You know that cake doesn't look half bad. ^_^;
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Postby Audra » 07/04/2008 4:51 PM

Oh, I added some things that aren't really in the picute. Like presents and stuffs.

Ok, here it goes. I just added the pic so I could see it better than having to keep switching pack to page 1 to remember what it looked like!


[-both whispering-]
Moofius: Do you think it's ready? Do you think he's ready?
Kodai: Of course...I think. Do we have candles?
Moofius: Check.
Kodai: Frosting?
Moofius (sticks finger inside and takes it back, covered with green frosting and licks finger): Mmm, check..
Kodai (retrieves recipe book from back pocket and opens to a bookmarked page): Okidokie, and do we have...the mud, robot sound chip, remote control...erm...and sponges?
[-whispering stops-]
Moofius: Mhm, yep, I guess that's EVERYTHING. Oh wait, NOOO!
Kodai (sighs): What...?
Moofius (mysterious shadows are cast over her, and she takes from behind her back...): Party hats! *twirls around and hands one to Kodai*
[-Both put a hat on their heads-]
[-5 minutes later...Now sneeking up on Xai're-]
Kodai (says to Moofius): Y'know, he might want a party hat, too...We can't leave him out!
Moofius (makes an evil grin): Oh, I know. Don't worry...
Kodai (gasps and points straight ahead): There he is!! Let's go!
[-Kodai hides behind a huge pillar, then stealthily places the birthday cake behind Xai're, quickly returning back to her position-]
Kodai (gets walkie-talkie and talks into it to Moofius): Done.
Moofius (talks back via her walkie-talkie): OK. Commissioning 'Phase 1'
[-Moofius walks up to Xai're and taps him on the shoulder from behind, strapping a party hat to his head-]
Xai're: Ahh!! Stay away from me...I know what you're up to!
Moofius (says in sing-song): That's what you think!
Xai're: Oh yeah? Then what's that cake right there, miss I-think-I'm-going-humiliate-Xa'ire-in-public-by-throwing-an-unofficial-birthday-party
Moofius (goes with flow, making him think that he's onto something...Commissioning 'Phase 2'): Ah ha! You knew! How? Well, you just spoiled my fun....
Xai're: Yes, I'm right....Hey, wait...where's Kodai??
Moofius (makes up randomness to sound convincing to Xai're): Oh, she didn't want to come. She knew this happen...Actually, she couldn't come. If only the whole cake thing worked out...*sounds dramatic* Poor Kodai.'
Xai're: If only what cake thing worked out? You mean this? *points to cake on the ground)
Moofius (sighs and ignores what he's pointing at): The cake. There were some..technical..issues with the cake making process.
Xai're: Oh no.
Moofius (pretends to start crying): Y-yes, I know...S-so sad. Ther's only o-one th-thing YOU can do, m-m-mister Xai're the g-great god of D-Death!
Xai're (confused): ...And what would that be?
[-Moofius pauses. Kodai whispers into walkie talkie "Commissioning 'Phase 3'..."-]
Kodai (jumps out of nowhere..actually from behind the pillar): Eat this! *picks up cake and holds it out to Xai're*
[-A random crowd of about 5 or 6 people come along. Moofius takes out remote control and presses big yellow button, saying "Happy Birthday, Xai're...hehe, miss I-don't-think-Moofius-is-going-to-humiliate-Xai're-in-public-by-throwing-an-unofficial-birthday-party !!!"-]
Xai're: Um, did you just call me miss? *gets cut off by the exploding birthday cake splattering in his face and and the robot sound chip inside singing in a robotic voice the 'Happy Birthday!' song*
[-Kodai grins and Moofius is practically on the ground laughing. Xai're wipes cake off of his face-]
Moofius (pats his head): Oh, and make a wish!
Xai're (looks over his shoulder to the crowd of confused people and rolls his eyes): Uggh. You know what I wish for? I wish you two were gone...*blows out the candle*
Moofius: Oh. *smile kind of dissappears and then whispers to Kodai "You were wrong! He doesn't like it! Oh no!"*
Kodai: Haha, it didn't come true. Now...EAT IT.
Xai're (sniffs contents): Eww, what's in this stuff?
Kodai (has worried expression on face. Takes the recipe book and tosses it away behind a bush): Oh, um..nothing... *snickers*
Xai're: You do realize that there's a problem with this situation...
[-Robotic 'Happy Birthday' music stops singing-]
Moofius: What?
Xai're: Well, it's...not my birthday...
Moofius & Kodai: Oh.
[-Both have a look saying 'When-was-it-then?'-]
X'aire: It had my birthday party yesturday.
Kodai: Why didn't we know?
Xai're: I didn't tell you.. *twiddles thumbs*
Moofius (exhagerrated gasp): WE WEREN'T INVITED?! *exclaims loudly, pretty much silencing the whole crowd of people...they all stare at Xai're*
Kodai (analyzes the situation): Oh, burn! Peer pressure!
Xai're: NO, I didn't not invite you. I just forgot.
Kodai (says sarcastically): Oh really?
Moofius: Well, you know what I forgot?
Xai're (says cautiously): No. What did you forget?
Moofius: This...
[-Moofius takes out a wrapped box that has a toy robot inside. She then whispers to Kodai "Inside, there's a robot. It's where I got the robotic sound chip from..."-]
Xai're: What's it for?
Moofius: It's a present, just for you!
Kodai: Yep...just ignore the the ticking... *giggles*
Xai're: Um, thanks...but...
Kodai: Nope. No 'buts,' because there's a 'no return' policy.
Moofius: Yeah, I mean, I know you probably don't want to be a big 'celebrity,' because I'm sure NOBODY gets something like this on their birthday..
Xai're (sighs): I couldn't have said it any better..
[-Moofius unwraps the box and hands Xai're the robot, and then bobbles the antenna on it's head. It bursts candy from it's mouth despenser, spilling gummi worms and skittles all over the ground]
Moofius & Kodai: Happy belated Birthday, Xai're!!
Xai're: Um...Thanks for everything, but if you don't mind, I'll just stand off to the side and pretend I have no clue who you two are...
Kodai: Why?
Xai're: Because you're scaring me...
Moofius: What about me? Am I scary, too?....I'm a piranha! Grrr
Xai're: ...
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Postby Omnisearch » 07/10/2008 8:43 PM

Title: A Cake, a Family, and a Picture
Characters: Xai're, Moofius, Kodai, Kami, Kaamil


It seemed to be an unusual day. It looked like that, for once, no one was aiming to ruin Xai're's, Moofius's, and Kodai's day with countless battles. A few hours to relax, for once...

Xai're left his room in the morning, passing by the hallway that lead to the kitchen. The carpet underneath was clean, as if it had been recently brushed thoroughly, almost sparkling like glass. The walls were so spotless one would think they had switched roles with the castle's mirrors. Where had this unsullied beauty came from? The God of Death obtained an answer fairly quickly to his own question as he came by this one empty table by the entrance to the kitchen.This table, now holding nothing upon itself, used to be covered by a beautiful vase.

The item itself was rather nice; small, but not so little as to not be seen, was colored with four colors: black, purple, red and dark green. Xai're didn't remember where that vase had come from; when he had arrived at the castle, it was already there, standing on the same table, hidden under the dust. The God had felt something odd with that one vase and decided to keep it there. But now it was broken... What had happened again? Oh, yes...

"Is sorryss, mommy..." he had heard Kami, one of the two twins, tell his mother, Kodai. "Did not doss it on purposess...." he had promised, looking down at the floor where the big shards of the vase lay. Running down the hallway without looking in front of him had been a big mistake...

The other twin, the 'oldest' boy of the two, Kaamil, had been standing by his brother, seemingly sorry as well. "I'm sorry, mother... I should have watched over him better..." he'd said, apparently trying to take some of the blame off of his brother's shoulders. "We will clean the castle and reconstruct the vase..." Kaamil... Xai had to admit, there was something about this one boy that had always attracted his attention. So young, yet so mature...

The boys' mother, Kodai, had been listening intently with her arms crossed, but with no signs of anger or irritation in her blue eyes. Tenderly she had bent down by her two sons, and she set a hand on Kami's shoulder. "It's all right, you two," she had assured them with the sweet tone of a mother. "Accidents happen. However, I'm sure Xai would like it if you would fix the vase." The twins had nodded vigorously to that proposition, glad to have such a sweet-hearted mother to guide them.

So in the end, the two had been assigned to repairing his vase. It seems like one of the two had decided to clean the hallway either way; it had been many years since Xai had last seen his walls and carpet so clean. It changed the atmosphere, as strange as it may sound...

When he came by the kitchen, Xai're picked the scent of food coming from it. The air was sweet and sugary; someone was baking something, apparently. It was on the counter that he saw this one black cake with green frosting on top and in the middle, the artistic piece of aliment decorated with a single candle that held the same colors. A cake... but it wasn't anyone's birthday today. Why was this cake here, by the table? Was it a trap? ...

"XAI!" a voice called excitedly, dropping whatever she was holding on the counter so she could run over to him. The girl in question was no other than Moofius, a big smile on her face. "Hey! Check out the cake!" she mentioned excitedly as she greeted the Death God. "I baked it myself! What do you think?"

Ah, Moofius... What was there to say about this one girl? Always present to cheer you up and do some comical acts to bring a smile to you. One living with the genetics of a cow, she was a good friend to have around. While she had been doubtful of Xai're at first, she had learned to warm up to him, and so had he. However, the two couldn't deny there was still some friction involved...

"Hello, Moofius," he greeted back with a slightly calmer tone. "A cake? Why for?" he asked as he bent down to observe the oddly colored cake that was on the table. Well, it smelled like sugar and all, so the God believed it was still edible.

"For Kami and Kaamil," Moofius replied, clapping her two hands together, which were still wearing a pair of mittens for the oven. "Kodai's glad they're doing what she asked them to do about that vase of yours, so she wanted to reward them," she explained as she took the mittens off, throwing them (clumsily) on the counter, along with the other items she had previously used for the cake. "She's watching over them, she's been doing that for hours now so I could bake the cake without the two noticing anything." Ah, so the cake was for the twins. "Now, come on, Xai're!" Moofius exclaimed, picking up a birthday hat. "You gonna join us?"

"Actually I--" He had no time to refuse as Moofius slipped the hat onto his head, wrapping the elastic over his forehead. Well, all right then, he'd just have to tag along, it seemed like... At least the hat matched his colors: black and dark green.

The girl put on a hat as well, hers matching her red coat with the colors black and red. She was holding one last hat, one colored with black and purple. "This one's for Kodai," Moofius clarified, making it roll around her finger using the elastic. "She should be coming back anytime now."

While waiting for Kodai's arrival, Xai pondered on the logic the two girls were using. A cake to reward the boys for being good and taking responsibilities for their actions. Well, the two liked cake, they had had birthday parties before... Maybe Moofius and Kodai were aiming for something that would remind them happy times? It seemed possible to him.

It didn't take too long for Kodai to come back, her two sons following her close behind. Upon seeing Xai with a birthday hat she giggled softly. "Hello, Xai," she greeted him, walking up to Moofius to pick up the birthday hat.

Kodai... This girl who had such a gentle heart. A very compassionate girl Xai're had learned to respect and like. That was the kind of woman Kodai was: understanding and tender, with a heart of gold.

Using her newly free hands, Moofius picked up the cake and presented it to the twins with a big smile. "Ta-DA!" she exclaimed with a smile and much excitement. "This is because you two were such little angels!" There was a pause. "S'that a camera, Kami?" Moofius asked, cow ears twitching with curiosity.

In fact, in Kami's hands was a small camera. The orange-haired boy nodded. "Isss for picturess!" he told the three adults, showing up the camera. "Forss the albumss!" He raised the camera to his eye level and looked through the lens, ready to snap a picture. "Sayss 'cheese!'"

A picture? Well, true, Kami had had a habit of taking a picture of every special event he had attended. "Well, all right... On the count of three..." Xai raised his fingers, his palm still resting on his hip. "Two..." One finger down...

Click! -- Snap!

"Picturess!" Kami squealed as he looked at the small preview of the picture he had just taken.

Xai're blinked and turned to Kami. Obviously, none of them had been ready to be taken on a picture. "Kami, we weren't even ready. Show me the picture, show it to me..." the God asked, taking a peak over Kami's head.

Well, obviously, all three adults looked... distant. Xai wasn't even smiling, his hand stuck to his hip with his two fingers raised as he was counting. Kodai had been able to adjust her hat and was turning back to him and Moofius when Kami took the picture, snapping her back and side, along with her face. Oddly enough, it looked as if Kodai was looking directly at Xai for a reason unknown, and the God seemed to be ticked off about it in the picture. In fact... the only person that looked normal was Moofius, holding the cake with a smile and nice-enough pose for a picture. "Oh, we look ridiculous on this..." Xai're commented unhappily, sighing. People can't just take random pictures like this...

Seemingly understanding he had done something wrong (in Xai's eyes, anyway), Kami handed his camera to Kaamil and directly went to hug Xai. A hug is always nice, right? "Is sorryss, Xai," he apologized, looking up at the God, smiling slightly.

Upon seeing the child, Xai sighed again. "Oh... All right, fine. I suppose it makes the picture more... natural," he said, patting Kami on the back. He noticed Kaamil observing the scene quietly with the camera in his hands, as if waiting for something.

Finally Moofius took the lead. "Let's eat CAKE!" She ran for the cupboards and snatched a couple of plates from the shelves. She settled them on the counter and opened up a drawer (the one filled with forks and other such items) and pulled out a couple of forks and spoons, so everyone would get to choose which instruments they preferred to eat the cake. She picked out a big knife from the drawer before closing it and cut the cake with it, dividing it in equal pieces, starting a little bit after the middle, where the candle was; she'd let Kami and Kaamil blow it before eating the cake. Finally, she looked through the remaining cupboards to find the pie server she would use to pick the shares. She couldn't just pick them up with her fingers. ... Right?

Whoo, finally, everything was ready. "Okay! Let's fire up that candle!" Using a small match Moofius lit up the candle that remained by the middle of the cake. "Come on, Kami and Kaamil! Come over here and blow it off!" she invited them, stepping aside so the two could blow the candle.

Kami ran over to the table excitedly while Kaamil followed more calmly. Kami turned to his pink-haired brother and smiled. "Blowss with Kami?" he asked his twin happily, whom replied a quiet, "Yes." The two blew the candle together, Kami hugging his twin brother once the deed was done.

Once the candle had been blown off, the five friends started to eat. Kami and Kaamil picked the two smallest pieces and ate together, with Kodai close to them. Moofius remained close as well, eating the cake happily beside them. As for Xai're, he picked a plate and a piece of cake, but ate slowly, a small bite at a time, as he observed the happy family from a small distance.
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