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Re: .:Contest #13:.

Postby Indigo » 03/01/2009 4:51 PM

(I have no clue how to end this happily, so I'll leave it as is. Anyway, if I write another one, I'll try to make it not depressing.)

The splendor of the court was legendary, and the legends were true; marble floors, carved pillars, a gilded throne of crystal. The emperor, a Jewel Magistrey, perched upon this uncomfortable throne wearing robes of deep red. The scene could easily have been seen in a storybook.
All this perfection was disrupted by the unusually hideous Common Turkezilla stalking up to the throne and bowing awkwardly.
Raktu sighed. As emperor he should have been able to get a less unsightly taskforce, but the Turkezillas were the only creatures strong enough for his work: to move the capital's sole clock tower out of the city square before summer. He had used other creatures before, but try as they might, the clock tower just wouldn't move at this rate. "Speak, Laktivus."
"Lord Raktu," Laktivus rasped reverently, "sir, you commanded us to move your clock tower, but, see, it's the dead of winter, and--"
"Slow down, Laktivus."
"Well, you must understand, sir, it is quite cold at this time of year, so we couldn't help it. It wasn't our fault, sir, Lord Raktu, sir The Matches was the one who told me--we had no way to know--"
"Silence!" roared Raktu, rising from his throne. Laktivus was so startled he jumped back. Raktu calmed himself and sat down again. "Laktivus," he began. "I have given you work, a home, adequate pay. All that will be taken away if you do not tell me what is going on."
"There's a freeze warming- I mean, freeze warning in effect."
Raktu cursed. "How did this happen, Laktivus? Even with this time of year, surely it can't be so cold."
"It's not, Your Majesty. A tribe of Glacial Garudors have come from the north to stop us moving the clock tower." Laktivus looked at the emperor nervously. "They say the tower has important spirits living in it and they mustn't be disturbed."
"It's only what the Matches told me, sir. I've not seen these Garudors myself."
"What Matches told you this?"
"Kaktan, sir. The Common Matches you chose as a messenger. He's been warning all the Turkezilla work squads. And sir..." Laktivus looked even more nervous now. "Sir, Kaktan has said that the Garudors have power so great they can even destroy a Turkezilla."
Raktu sighed. "Nothing else for it then, I suppose. Gather all the Turkezilla work squads. We'll have to fight them."
"Even the females, sir?" Laktivus smiled in spite of his fear. Perhaps this was his chance to impress Xerxa, the Plush Turkezilla he'd had his eye on for years.
"Of course, Laktivus. When I say all the work squads, I mean all of them! Get that through your thick head, will you?"
"Certainly, sir." Laktivus rushed out of the room.
"Don't even try. Your colors will fall right off."
Raktu turned around to see Kikhil, the beautiful Saffron Polly he had married. "What do you mean, Kikhil?"
"I mean what I say." Kikhil smiled mysteriously. "If you fight, your colors will fall off, and then you'll be bland and dull and no one will want to speak with you." Her eyes grew serious and her grin faded. "Raktu, I know you have to fight off the Garudors, but couldn't you send someone else to lead in your place?"
"I love you... but not that much. Kikhil, you know that without me at their head, those Turkezillas will forget us and go into a frenzy. It's their nature." Raktu sighed.
"Can't you assemble a different army?"
"No. Much as I hate to admit it, the Turkezillas are the most efficient soldiers I've ever seen. I've only ever seen Sygriffs match them, and they have to stop time to do it."
"Then come home safely, my love."
"I will, Kikhil. I will. But now I must go." The emperor pulled out of his mate's embrace and began strapping on his armor. As he mounted his Battleheart, he repeated his words to himself, but they were torn away by the wind.
"I will, Kikhil. I will."
* * *

"Turkezillas! Prepare for battle!"
Laktivus trembled when he heard the call. Lord Raktu had already tried to reason with the Garudors. "Garudors, will you surrender?" he had said.
"Never! We shall fight until every last one of you lies dead!" the Garudors' leader had spat, and Lord Raktu had made the call then.
Laktivus glanced to his right and met Xerxa's eyes. She smiled at him, and he smiled back. Then, with a furious roar, he flung himself into the battle.
Laktivus was soon locked claw-to-claw in midair with an enraged Garudor. The Garudor spat insults in an unintelligible tongue, and Laktivus screeched and roared in his native language. He was just about to knock the Garudor out of the sky with the side of his beak when he looked down. There below him, the leader of the Garudors was advancing on Xerxa from behind. Xerxa, engaged with another Garudor, hadn't noticed.
"No!" Laktivus couldn't tell if he'd screamed aloud or just in his head. It didn't matter. He opened his talons and flipped over, plummeting feet-first toward the Garudor. But a few feet above, he halted and hovered, wondering.
Did this Garudor have a mate and chicks at home? Would he be missed? Was there a female somewhere that he had his eye on? And--Laktivus squeezed his eyes shut--how would they feel when they recieved the letter telling them that he would never come home?
Suddenly, Laktivus spotted a glint of metal in the Garudor's claws. He had a knife! Laktivus resumed his dive. But his hesitation had cost him precious minutes, and it was too late. With the kiss of a knife, her eyes shut forever...
Laktivus didn't know how long he crouched on the muddy battlefield next to Xerxa, screaming and raging at the cruelty of the world, wondering how this could happen. Meanwhile, the battle continued around him. The Garudor leader had been struck down, but Laktivus no longer cared. He wanted only to mourn.
Suddenly, a voice interrupted his reverie.
"I don't pretend to understand it but... are those whales in the sky?"
Laktivus looked up, and sure enough, there were whales in the sky. At first he thought he was hallucinating, but then he heard the cheers. The Garudors were giving up, and the whales were coming to take them away. But Laktivus had no heart for celebration. He curled up in the mud by Xerxa and let the rain fall on him.
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Re: .:Contest #13:.

Postby Indigo » 03/01/2009 4:51 PM

...in the name of creativity.

I'm not a gangster tonight
Don't wanna be a bad guy
I'm just a loner, baby
And now you've gotten in my way

I can't decide whether you should live or die
Oh you'll probably go to heaven
Please don't hang your head and cry
No wonder why my heart feels dead inside
It's cold and hard and petrified
Lock the doors and close the blinds
We're going for a ride

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Re: .:Contest #13:.

Postby Moofius » 03/02/2009 4:49 AM

With the kiss of a knife, her eyes shut forever...

A pathetic sort of sniffle was heard as Moofius shut the book; dappled sunlight dancing playfully all around her high up in the tree tops of the Tengel.  With all the dumb… stuff going on (you know people trying to DIE! Pain in the butts that they were) the cow anthro had been rather stressed out lately.  You would be too if you had to try and keep everything you knew, everything that you loved from falling apart.  Thankfully there was a light at the end of the tunnel.  Okay not the light at the end, no final breath of fresh air it was closer to…  a torch someplace in the dark.  There seemed to be no clear way out but… So long as this torch was still alive and well, at least for now, Moofius felt that she could keep back the insanity that threatened to take her.

So why on Evelon was she reading some cheesy romantic novel?  Well, you may not know this, but Moofius is secretly a romantic. Candles, incense, low lighting, nice music.  The whole bit.  To be treated like a lady, to be treated like she was something special…?  It was a secret fantasy she liked to live out through… cheesy romantic novels.

During this rare calm in the storm that was her life she’d climbed into her tree house, sprawled out and had spent the past… how many hours reading?  She’d lost track, which was fine because time was only a concept; and besides growing up where she had time didn’t seem near as important as it did here in the human realm (which was stressful at times. She really had an awful sense of time).  Everything could end at any moment so enjoy the moments you do have; the one you’re living in right now. Lying there, the sun dancing through the leaves of the trees and the humidity of the Tengel Moofius allowed her mind to wander.  Wander from things to “what is the meaning of life?” to smaller things like “Leaves are green because…” her mind was all over the map.  She was an open book for the universe to read and-

Why was it so cold?  It was suddenly frigid which was far beyond bizarre in the Tengel; it was insanity.  Moofius wondered if, in this calm, her sanity had simply slipped away without her consent, without a real reason.  But the tree she was in seemed to groan inwardly, recoiling from the chill that was so alien to it.  Sitting up Moofius was pulled directly into an ice box of the living variety.  It was her uncle Think, creeper extraordinaire and Moofius’ worst nightmare.

"There's a freeze warming- I mean, freeze warning in effect." The monster slash chaos slash you don’t even WANT to know slash uncle purred, stroking her bare arms with a clawed hand.  Well the torch was flickering, dangerously close to going out and Moofius would be forced to stumble through pain and surprises and surprises that usually caused pain in the dark of the torchless tunnel that was her life.  She was not excited for that.

“Think, what brings you here? How did you even know…?” the location of her home was a well kept secret.  Heck, when her home in the Roraldi had been found she’d completely relocated to the Tengel in less then a full day to keep from being attacked by all manner of things.  But now her home was at risk again.  How on Evelon had he found her?
“It has… been much too long, Moofius. You’ve been… avoiding me…” the hold on her arms tightened convulsively.  The hairs on the back of her arms and neck stood on end and she shivered which only cause Think to laugh before kissing her neck.

Wince, cringe; worst day ever, and to ad insult to injury Thinks signature black ice was creeping up around her and ad her uncle. Looking to him she wanted to ask where he was taking her but his cold lips shut down her questions.  The ice fell down around them, crumbling and starting to melt. Moofius was pulled up from her sitting position as Think stood.  He looked pretty pleased with himself to have found her and whisked her away. But to where?

It didn’t take long for Moofius to figure it out though considering… "I don't pretend to understand it but... are those whales in the sky? "
Above her were whales, around her was tall grass, then ends of the grass tickling her ears (which were rather higher up on her head compared to the average Joe so that was saying something).
“Indeed it seems that is so,” but he wasn’t interested in human thoughts and images; his only interest was her.  Oh the things he could do with her now that they were alone.

Moofius knew him well enough to know that this had bad news written all over it.  Time to try and make the whole thing less painful.
“I’m sorry,” she started, trying to sound sincere, “for being away. I wasn’t trying to avoid you it’s just… Everything is so… stressful,” he had to know that, being at the center of her misery he had to know that there was a lot going on for her.
“I’m glad you came to find me,” this was a flat out lie but she hoped (even prayed) that he would over look the fib.  Maybe pretend that she loved him like a wife should.  Fat chance there but Think was delusional most of the time.  Chances were he’d take her fib and run with it.  Considering the smile on his face had changed from a threatening gloat to something much more manageable (even likeable?) the cow-girl (for lack of a better term) felt relieved.
“We should spend the day together… Maybe… Catching up, as humans say?”

“Mmm…” He seemed to consider her offer and the girl even had the gall to get her hopes .  But her that was short lived as he dipped her head back and kissed her again. Ugh! His lips were so co-
“Ah-! Hey! You shouldn’t… You shouldn’t do that!”

The eyes she’d learned to fear as a child looked further into the field of grass to peer upon a small boy.  He was clearly human but had overly large ears, elephant ears to be precise.  It seemed clear that in the human plain the boy probably had large ears and was made fun of creating the odd appearance here before her.
“My mum. She… She told me that if you touch a lady when she dun’ want to be touched… She said you’d loose all the colour in-in your eyes so don't even try. Your colors will fall right off. At least… That’s what mum said…”
The saying was rather odd but Moofius was almost glad somebody had found them.  Here on the chaos plain things could be dangerous even for the chaos.  Think, on the other hand, did not seem amused but maybe a little confused.
“This,” to show what he meant brought a full body shudder to Moofius as his hand slid up her side, “is mine so it does not matter if she wants this or not.” His voice was cold; it was back to an unpleasant, uncontrollable tone.

Good old Think; always blunt.  But the boy didn’t seem ready to drop the subject, shaking his head which caused his oddly disfigured ears to slap him in the face; this didn’t seem to bother him as much as Think’s actions did.

“Nope, nope. My mum, she said you can’t own people. I’m always reminding her she doesn’t own me,” the boy laughed at this; he didn’t seem to sense the danger that Think was.
“I think you should meet her, my mum.  You need to learn about people,” the boy smiled, wiggling his ears.  Even though, technically, the two groups of Think and Moofius and the boy with the ears were on different plains of being they could interact.  But, as the boy looked deformed here Moofius and Think would appear shadowy or misty.  They would look like ghosts.

“Boy, leave me us if you know what’s good for you,” the chaos hissed, a reptilian voice was under lurking under the surface of a more human voice giving a very strange effect to his voice.  The sound of his voice like this was painful and Moofius couldn’t help but shiver.
“Ah, Think… We should go with him this could be… fun. … We never go anywhere together,” this last bit was to bait him, really.  Think was… complicated, at best.  To draw him out of his possessiveness the key wasn’t to fight him but to pretend that what she really wanted was him, to pretend to love him.
It wasn’t a real solution, but it was temporary and doable.

She wondered then just at what point she’d become such a schemer.

But back to the problem at hand.  Think was already easing up on her, looking into her eyes.  She smiled, trying to put some love into it, “You’re always so busy and with everything going on… This could be fun…” she almost added in a ‘please, Think?’ but please rarely worked with him so she didn’t bother.
“My mum, she’s really amazing! I’ll bring you guys to her!”
Then it was off through the field of high grass, the whales over head twittering in a bird like fashion.


“This is where I live,” the boy stated proudly, walking in.  The roads of the town were stone and the houses, due to the chaos plain, were bizarre.  Their shapes and look determined by the inner most feelings of the people in the town.  The town itself seemed rather peaceful because nothing inanimate was attacking.  At the center of the town was a clock tower which cast a dark shadow over the town.

“If people don’t like you it’s just because you’re ghosts. But my mum, she loves ghosts,” he said, not bothering to check if the odd… er… couple? Well if the two were following. They were as Moofius was glad to avoid having Think all to herself; or rather Think having her all to himself.  She was curious about the clock tower.  It seemed rather important and the all encompassing shadow also made her curious.
“Think, lets go see the clock tower. It’s so… romantic,”
Moofius was getting rather use to this manipulative role.  Maybe she could even manipulate herself into being happy with Think! Now that would almost be great! Her silver-grey eyes met his and… he kissed her again. It was tender and it was gross.  So much for fake happiness.
“Mmm…  the passage of time. Too bad we cannot watch these humans age, wither and die…”

Think was a romantic through and through.

Sooner, rather then later, the group found the selves at the base of the clock.  It was quite tall, the whole of it looked ready to collapse on the southern part of the city.  Whales perched precariously on the whole which made it lean dangerously.  So maybe it wasn’t romantic.
At the base of the clock were many humans. Some looked normal others, like the boy, had overly large characteristics.  These were parts of them that others probably noticed (large noses, large innocent eyes) and that stood out.  If the boy was identified by his large, elephant-like ears then they were large and elephant like.  At least they were when in the chaos plain.

“What are they doing…?” Think actually displayed some interest in this little outing that wasn’t interest in watching Moofius.  But as to what he was referring to Moofius was also confused.
All of these towns people at the clock were… pulling on a rope that stretched up and up and up right up to the clocks face.  It was tied to the minute hand and from the way the people were pulling it seemed they wanted to pull time back.  They wanted more time.  Try as they might, the clock tower just wouldn't move at this rate. The minute hand would have none of this and plowed forward.  Time could not be stopped;  time was ever moving forward.

Moofius frowned and then Think, bless his soul, went over to help. Seeing as the town was physically pulling the rope (in the human realm they were probably at home, only subconsciously aware of this struggle) the people did not flee or even take notice of the chaos that approached.  She grabbed the rope and as soon as those claws touched toe old and fraying rope black ice climbed it’s length.  It did not stop at the top of the rope, but spread to the minute hand and then the whole clock face.

The look on his face was straight and the look in his eyes was far from sane.  He pulled on the rope which shattered, bringing the clocks face with in.  The minute hand fell to the ground.  The boy with the elephant ears was right under the minute hand when it fell, flattening the poor boy before he was hit.
Moofius gasped, covering her mouth before she remembered that he wasn’t really dead.  Chaos plain was weird like that. The person would die, just have a case of déjà vu or have his memory cut out for a moment, maybe longer.  It all depended on the person and the circumstances.

For those who care to know on the plain of existence we all know rather well the clock towers clock suddenly stopped moving.  What had caused it was rather mysterious.  Later on that week somebody would go up to see what was wrong but find nothing out of sorts, nothing at all.  But that is rather irrelevant to the story being told.  What is done is done.

Think, looking pleased with himself, returned to Moofius’ side who was now more relaxed.
“I helped the silly humans with their problem. For that I think you should… reward me,” the way he looked at her was far from PG-13.
"I love you... but not that much." she laughed but was quick to cut herself off.  She’d been playing along, conning him this whole time to avoid this day being turned into a real nightmare.  The torch that had flickered earlier was suddenly doused and she was thrown back into her hellish life with Think as he grabbed her my the shoulders.  The feeling of his claws digging into her and the black ice he controlled creeping up and around her was simultaneous.
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Re: .:Contest #13:.

Postby Kallile » 03/07/2009 11:23 AM

And then with the kiss of a knife, her eyes shut forever…The End!”        

The little winter kitrell closed her book, smiling happily at herself for a story well read. As the cover closed she could see the Frost paragon opposite her—sobbing big crocodile tears. “But….she was happy at least, right?”

Simia tilted her head, looking up at the blubbering beast that was Lucrecia. “Well how am I supposed to know? I didn’t write it…”  Lucrecia sniveled up her face, looking as if she might slip into hysteria at any moment.

“But I’m sure she was! I mean—the knife only kissed her, right?” Simia offered, trying to quell the emotional storm that was brewing. Lucrecia wiped away a large tear and offered a soft smile. “It did, didn’t it?”

Simia smiled back, fluttering up to sit on Lucrecia’s tail. Crossing her eyes to keep her small friend in sight, the Frost lifted her tail up to her eye level. “So what do we do now? Are you sure we can’t go play in the snow?”

Simia sighed and slumped until she was laying on her perch. “How are we supposed to get out? We’ve been trapped here for hours because you’re too big.”

Lucrecia looked to the large hour hand that blocked the single crack in the glass large enough for her to fit through. “Well, you said we could go exploring in the Grand Cathedral. I didn’t know there was going to be an ice storm and…and…”

“And that you created it because you were so excited you let your weather powers slip?”

Lucrecia frowned and stuck out her forked tongue. “I can’t help it…it’s all so exciting!”

It was true; try as they might, the clock tower just wouldn’t move at this rate. It had been moving before the storm—but as the ice took over the old, mostly broken down clock hands had frozen solid. Lucrecia looked to the blocked exit again, then back to Simia.

“Maybe you could go and get mo—“

I love you…but not that much. She may be half your size and cheery looking, but your mother would rip my feathers out one by one if I told her we got stuck.” The kitrell pointed out, to which Lucrecia sighed knowingly.

“You could make it melt, couldn’t you?”

“No.” Lucrecia mumbled childishly. “I can only make it snow—not make it stop. Or warm up. Which is fine, I don’t like being warm.”

“It would have been nice to know that your powers almost always means there's a freeze warming- I mean, freeze warning in effect. Can’t you try to push the exit open again or something?"

“How can I move something that big and old? Why don’t you try it. Maybe you can read it that story and it will be so sad it will droop right out of the way! Let’s try that!” There was a serious, happy wiggle traveling through Lucrecia’s body at the mental image of freeing themselves by making the clock tower sad enough to let them go. Simia rolled her eyes.

“Don’t even try. Your colors will fall right off.”

There was the look of utter amazement mixed with fear that crept onto the Paragon’s features. “They’ll fall off?” She asked slowly, looking over her purple and blue scales. “But…I like my colors. But I wouldn’t look half as naked as you without them. You’re covered in color!”

“Don’t change the subject.”

“I’m not!” The paragon protested, stomping her foot. There was a loud, metallic clang and both females turned to see the hour hand fall away…and then completely off the building. There was a shudder, then a quake, and before either knew what was happening the building came down around them in a puff of smoke.

“Simi…” Came a muffled voice once the collapse was complete and the dust hung heavily in the air. “I don’t pretend to understand it but…are those whales in the sky?

There was a groan from under her, and an uplifting feeling as the paragon sucked the down a breath of air. “If you see whales instead of stars—there’s something wrong with you Lucrecia.”

The paragon snorted out a giggle, looking at the clock tower they had seemingly destroyed laying in bits and pieces all around them. “Simi?”


“Do you think anyone will miss it?”

The little Winter Kitrell looked beside her, finding the arrow portion of the hand that had blocked them into the tower to begin with. And beside that, a few bricks with tally marks carved into it. “No, I can’t say anyone will.”

The Frost smiled. “That’s good, because if mom ever found out I destroyed a building, she’d be awfully mad.” Simi snorted out a laugh, brushing off her fur as best she could. “Then we’d better get home to get cleaned up before she sees us like this—come on.”

Lucrecia got up, fluttering into the air like a phoenix rising from it’s ashes. She looked back to the clock tower sadly. “Bye! I’m sorry I broke you!” The kitrell sighed defeatedly. “Just go, you big lug.” The Frost grinned.
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Re: .:Contest #13:.

Postby Kallile » 03/07/2009 11:23 AM

And claimed again.
"I have been hidden, scorned, adored, worshiped, forsaken, coveted and banished more times than I care to count. But the one thing all those experiences cannot steal from me is the gentle soul I was born with, the kind heart I have molded, and the bright ideals for the future that have lit my way through the darkness of the past."

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Re: .:Contest #13:.

Postby MillietheWarrior » 03/07/2009 4:54 PM

"What's going on again?" Fioray sighed, sending a cloud of sparkles dancing into the air in front of him.

"Not like I know. I'm as confused as you are."

The two Lucain sat in the middle of a large blank space. White walls surrounded them, and they sat on a white floor, with a white ceiling above their heads.  Fioray, the first Lucain, sat facing the right. Mereel, the second Lucain, sat facing the left. Neither saw one another, and neither knew why they were in such a strange room. Mereel though, felt as if he had an inkling. "Hey, Fio." He received a grunt in reply. "You remember Millie saying  something about a story contest?" Fioray blinked and shifted slightly, glancing over his sparkly shoulder.

"Oh yeah. Something along those lines. Said there was some big story contest she was gonna enter for a prize of some sort. I really hope the prize isn't some ridiculous pet. I don't know if my little heart can take any more idiocy in our pen." Mereel snorted back his laughter, not pretending he didn't find Fio's lack of admiration for Millie's pen funny. "Right, well what are we..." He stopped in mid-sentence, eyes wide. Fioray stilled and grunted. "What are we...What?" he asked impatiently. Of all the pets in the pen, he at least thought Mereel had a good head on his shoulders. What, had the white blankness of the room driven the poor guy mad? Fioray thought. Nope.

But Mereel thought it might have.

He stared down at his feet, where a book had suddenly appeared. "This isn't normal," he muttered, tentatively reaching out a paw to touch it. "Hey, Fio. You think we're here because we're gonna be a part of Millie's story?" Fioray finally stood and walked around to face Mereel, staring down at the book at his feet.

"Hm. Could be. I've heard strange tales about this place. They say it's where we pets go when we're going to be a part of something the humans call  a 'roleplay.' I never quite understood it myself. They say if your human has a good idea for you, you get shut up in this little box until that idea gets to take effect. Sometimes you get put in with something called a ‘muse.’ Apparently, if there isn’t one, then that person can’t really write for you because they aren’t sure how. But if there is, you can expect to be put through the hoops in one of those ‘roleplays.’” He fell silent, and both Lucain stared down at the book.

“Do you think this is a muse then, Fio?” he asked quietly. Fioray seemed to ponder this. He’d never actually been put in one of these boxes before, but apparently, Ghita Galena, another resident of the menagerie had. She’d called it an ‘odd place, where strange things will happen without provocation.’ He’d asked her what she meant and she’d only shrugged, explaining that ‘the human has odd ideas bouncing about inside her head. So you’d best be prepared for anything.’

“It’s possi-”

He was cut off by Mereel shout and bounce as the red and yellow Lucain jumped to his feet. “Fio! Fio look!”  

He was gazing wide-eyed up at the sky, pointing with his sharp nose at what looked like... “Your joking, right?” Fioray mumbled. Of all the things... I don’t pretend to understand it but...are those whales in the sky?

Mereel jumped up and down, as though he were trying to reach up and touch them. “Oh my gosh! Whales! In the sky! How cool is that?” Fio had the sudden urge to cover his head. He sincerely hoped whales weren’t like giant pigeons. If they were, he and Mereel were doomed.

The book lay untouched at their paws, so while Mereel was busy staring up at the sky, Fio decided to open it. As his paw got nearer to the cover, the book shuddered, and a very female voice seemed to project out of it. It was a voice not unlike Millie’s; it, however, seemed far more real, as though someone were speaking directly out of it. Millie always seemed distant, but this...This just felt as though whomever was speaking was directly in his head.

“I can do that, you know. Speak in your head. And apparently, I can read your mind too,” the book chimed with a very amused note.

Fio jumped backwards, nearly tumbling over his own paws as he ran straight into Mereel. The two Lucain were sent sprawling off in a far corner of the white room. Mereel grunted under the weight of his friend, grumbling under his breath as he tried to push Fioray off of him. "Look Fio...I love you... but not that much. I know I’m irresistible, but get off of me! I can‘t breathe!" Fio scrambled to his feet, not bothering to help a complaining Mereel up after him.

With wide- disbelieving eyes, he stepped back towards the book. It lay unmoving where it had been before; an ordinary thing in a less than ordinary world. He reached out a paw to touch it again. The book shuddered violently before he even got close. "Don't even try. Your colors will fall right off,” it boomed, sounding highly entertained.  

Fio jumped back, but was careful not to go careening off into Mereel again. By this time, the red and yellow Lucain had joined him at his side, blue eyes wide. “Did that thing just talk? And what do you mean, his colors will fall off? You can do that? You can’t do that.” He glanced at Fio. “Can it do that?”

The book seemed to ruffle it’s pages beneath the dark binding. “I can very well do whatever I please, thank you.” It seemed to puff up a bit, as though inflating it’s chest to show just how proud it was of itself. “I am the muse...Or rather, what the author calls the muse. If I wasn’t here, you two might be stuck in limbo forever. You know that, right?” Fio’s head was spinning. He couldn’t wrap his brain around what was going on.

It was all unreal, surreal and really real.

“Muse...Why are you a book? I mean...This is all really weird, and I think I’m going to just pass out in a few minutes, but...What’s going on?”

The book shook it’s pages at him in a condescending manner. “I’m a book because I’m a story. A story that is, as of yet, unfinished. However unwittingly you may be doing it, the two of you are writing that story right now. That contest you mentioned earlier...Well, guess what? Your a part of it. This is all one big story for a contest. Don’t you feel special now? Oh, by the way, I’m going to need you to say something for me...”

Mereel cocked his head to the side, and felt rather stupid for listening to a book; but when in Rome... “All right. What do we need to say?”

The book slid across the floor. “Er, well, actually, it’s something I need you to do. See that clock tower over there?”

Mereel and Fio blinked. “What?” the sparkly Lucain exclaimed. “Are you blind? There’s no clock tower anywhere near he-” Yet, as they turned around, there indeed seemed to be a very large clock tower.

“Permission to freak out now?” Mereel mumbled.

Fio turned back to the book with an angry grimace. "What’s with the new architecture?” he asked, his eyes narrowing. The books slipped across the floor as though it had wheels.

“Can you push against the tower please?” it asked. “Try and move it for me.” Fio had nearly had enough. He stomped over, Mereel on his heels, and towered over the book.

“We can’t move that! Your frenching crazy! I’m leaving!” And he marched off to the far wall to look in vain for an exit; the author's limbo box has no exit, as we all very well know, except to be written into a story.

Mereel shrugged. “Hey, I’ll give it a go. There’s not any doors in here, so there’s no use trying to leave. Might as well get this over with, right?”

The book bounced off the floor. “There’s a good boy!” it crowed triumphantly. “Fio, get your sparkly butt over here and help! Mereel can’t do this by himself!” Mereel wasn’t even going to ask why or how the book knew their names; if he didn’t ask about the whales, he sure as heck wasn't about to ask about the names. So, Fio, with a few dirty looks and angry gestures, joined Mereel in pushing against the clock tower. However...Try as they might, the clock tower just wouldn't move at this rate. Fio and Mereel collapsed against the base of the tower, both exhausted and both confused.

“That was pointless and stupid,” Fio said matter-of-factly.

“No, no,” the book exclaimed. “That was very helpful. Thank you. In fact, we’re almost done here. The story is almost over, you know. In fact, there's a freeze warming- I mean, freeze warning in effect."

Fio and Mereel both stared blankly at the book. “A what?” Fio asked. The book ignored him.

“Moving on!” it shouted, scooting across the floor. It was like a little bar of novel soap...Mereel and Fio followed it, having nothing else to do.  “All right! New part of the story time!” the book announced, stopping so quickly that Fio and Mereel had to swerve around it to keep from stepping on it.

“New part of...” But Fio had no time to react before he was unceremoniously shoved into a dress by an unseen force. It seemed the same was happening to Mereel; only his ‘dress’ was a tuxedo. Both Lucain were plopped back down on the floor, looking like a twister had just run them over and given them new clothes to boot. “What the-?” Fio started, his anger boiling over. But the book gave them no time to react, it gave a little shake and a bounce, and suddenly Mereel stood over Fio with a knife in his hands.

The book’s voice floated though the air. ‘The count loved Amelia. But it could never be, for Amelia loved another. In desperation, the count was driven to madness.’ “Hey! You! Stop this!” Mereel shouted, but they were no longer in control of their bodies. “Mwuahaha!” the red and yellow Lucain suddenly began. “Now my dear, if I cannot have you, no one can!...Hey, book! Knock it off!” But the book remained still, dramatic villainy music playing in the background.  

Fio had the urge to be sick, but instead, he cried; "My heart is no longer yours. I love another. Do as you will, but I shall never love you!...Oh this is sick! When I get out of this, I'm going to make sure all your pages are dog-eared!” But the scene kept going, and the knife inched closer. The book spoke again, but it’s voice seemed to be everywhere. ‘It was the end for Amelia. She knew it. There was nothing she could do but hold true to her love. The count would someday regret what he would do, but she would never know it.’ Mereel had an evil glint in his eyes that wasn’t his own.

“Farewell! I am only sorry I could not sway your heart! Now I shall stop it!” The knife plunged forward towards Fio. Both Lucain winced and braced for impact, and heard only the book’s voice floating through the air again.With the kiss of a knife, her eyes shut forever. Amelia’s heart beat no more.’ The knife bounced off of Fio’s chest; it was...rubber.

Both Lucain let out a sigh of relief when the book suddenly shouted; “Annnnnd....Scene!”

Mereel and Fio were thrown for a loop as they were returned to their normal states, clothes missing and both angry as all get out. “What was that you poor excuse for a literary novel?!” Fio shouted, glaring down at the book as he stood over it. The book chuckled sheepishly.

“Oh, nothing. Just a little dramatic scene I cooked up to finish the story and the contest.”

Mereel stood beside Fio, his expression dark. “That was the stupidest thing I-”

But he was cut off by a wailing, sobbing voice. “I know! I’m the worst muse ever! Everything I write is weird or stupid! I can’t do anything right! And now...Now you both hate me because I was forced into doing this contest! I don’t even like contests! I just want to stay at home and write about bubblegum and the number nine. But Millie and the author dragged me here to be a part of this! I’m sorry!” It wailed and sobbed and cried it’s little heart out, and both Fio and Mereel felt quite bad for it.

“Aw, don’t worry,” Mereel cooed. “It’s all right. We forgive you. And it wasn’t that bad...Not good, but not that bad.”

The book stopped it’s bawling immediately. “You-you think so?” it sniffed hopefully.

“Er, sure,” Fio replied, looking a bit skeptical about the whole thing.

The book seemed comforted, and jumped off the floor, nearly as high as they were tall. “That’s great! ‘Cause the story is finished! Oh, and uh, all those people who were just reading this...Well, don’t mind them. I bet they’ll forget all about it in a few...uh, years...Bye!”

With a pop, it disappeared, leaving Mereel and Fioray to stare quietly at one another. A few moments of silence elapsed as both Lucain continue to stare. “Wait...”  Fioray finally said. “You mean...” He looked over his shoulder to see the readers, his eyes going wide with horror. “People read this?!”


"I'm going to kill that book..."

OR IS IT...?

I love adventurous tales like that. That uplifting feeling that comes from seeing unknown lands and the knowledge that you came across—nothing can replace it! It opens a path from which self-confidence, experience, and important friendships—from the sharing of life or death situations—are born! But hearing it just isn’t the same. I want to create my own magnificent story!

A great adventure!

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Re: .:Contest #13:.

Postby ToxicShadow » 03/08/2009 7:10 PM


No one ever knew what to expect from Metha, a woman that could be labeled clinically insane, if a clinic ever found her. The humorous part? No one ever did try to send her to an asylum, even though she certainly wasn't shy about her presence. She posted ads for "Metha's Motley Palace," the trader's outpost that she happily volunteered to manage, everywhere. She let anyone and everyone into her home without so much as thinking twice. Crazy? Of course! Like anyone would steal from her anyway! [Oh yes, she held far too much faith in people.]

The question one would always had to ask: what if even she lost it? Could someone without it, ever loose it?

Setting: Metha's Motley Palace


"Oh, it was a dark and stormy night...~" Metha chimed in, her voice coming across with it's usual hint of madness, but of the darker sort. Hey! You couldn't very well tell a horror story without a scary voice! Besides, it really was dark and stormy! That's exactly why the Lucain-gone-human was sitting inside her large, bright colored palace.
The story started centered in the middle of her office, her forever stage. She was relaxed back in a large ornate armchair, her feet propped up on her desk. There was no one around and no other sound, aside from her own voice, the rain crashing down on the roof and the occasional blast of rolling thunder in the distance. At times, one would catch the woman flinching when the thunder was too loud.

Alone. Alone. Alone... Silence.
People could go insane under those conditions if they were left under them long enough.

"There was a little girl, with little black curls and little black eyes. She sang, 'One, two, buckle up you~ Three, four, lock the door~ Five, six, pick up sticks~ Seven, eight, run them straight~ Nine, ten, you're dead again~!' Of course, the little girl hardly understood what she was singing about. She just made it all rhyme. Can't blame a kid for that! Ah, imaginations, such a wonderful thing~" Metha laughed. "Oh right. Story, story. So this little girl was always alone. No one wanted to be her friend, because she was too weird. The other little girls and little boys would tell her that all the time. And what did the little girl do? She laughed in their faces. She believed that weird was always better than what they could ever be. It was a compliment to the little girl! A freakshow, a freakshow~"

"One day, the little girl, whom, by the way, never had a name, ran away from home. Her parents were dead anyway. To her. They didn't want her! She was too weird for them too." Metha shook her head. "The poor little dear. Really, she should just come live with me! I'd love her! Erm... Haha! Oops. There I go again~!" She laughed at herself once more.

...Just who was Metha telling the story to anyway...?

No one around, still. But she kept going!

"When the little girl ran away, she found herself in a strange palace. The outside was bright and whimsical, just the place for the little girl to go. As she approached the doors, she was greeted by singing flowers~ They sung,  'One, two, buckle up you~ Three, four, lock the door~ Five, six, pick up sticks~ Seven, eight, run them straight~ Nine, ten, you're dead again~!' The little girl laughed. 'You know my song!' she proclaimed, her cheshire grin stretching from one side of her face to the other. The little girl then proceeded into the palace, throwing the doors open like a crazed queen who ruled the world~! Or...at least owned the palace... And what happened then? Ooooh, aaaaah. I wonder~ I wonder~ Haha! The girl fell down!"

"Down, down, down, she fell! But what? What about the floor? Didn't she hit the floor? No! She went through the floor. In other words, the floor ate her! She was quite delicious, I have you know! At least, that's what the floor told me later..." Metha nodded her head, seeming quite serious. "But oh! How does the girl escape?! Haha! For another day, for another day my dear~!"

"Miss Metha, what in the names of all the Gods are you doing?"  

"Don't say the 'names of all the Lords!' Say 'name of the wondrous God Zu'hai!' Didn't you hear? He has wooshy robes~ Wooshy robes, I tell you! Isn't it amazing!?"
As Metha responded, she leaned forward in her chair. Very forward. So forward, in fact, that she tumbled right out of her chair! She rolled twice, before springing up.
"Anyways, anyways~ I was telling a story to the walls! I think they enjoyed it~! Though, I think they're jealous that the floor got to eat the little girl and they didn't...."
The young woman rambled on about her story, only to be cut off by the pink coated Rabbot standing in the doorway.

"You killed a little girl in your story?!" He suddenly exclaimed, quite surprised. It wasn't like his mistress to think of horrible things. She loved kids...

"Not forever~ She comes baaaack!" Metha grinned wildly, putting on a too innocent look.

"Right...Anyway. I came in to tell you, there was a knock on the doors. It was a little girl caught in the storm. She said that she ran away from home and had nowhere else to stay. I let her in and led her to you're room to pick out a change of clothes."
Now, while this seemed like something unwise for the Rabbot to do, he was Metha's assistant and, knowing that helping the little girl was something that she'd want, he had to do it. Not by force, but because...because. [*cough*] He loved her, of course! Where do you think Metha got all that paper to burn in the furnace? Duh! The unread love letters he sent her did a wonderful job of providing fuel~!

"A little girl?" Metha cocked her head to one side, a curiosity igniting in her almost-coal colored eyes. "Wont you take me to her?"

"Of course, M'lady."

The pair left the room at a...sort of slow pace. Metha was walking awkwardly, throwing her legs forward one at a time and taking ridiculously large steps. It just didn't look natural for her to do so, but it made her smile. This caused the male Rabbot to hurry along beside her, resorting to trotting on all fours along side her.
Down and up and around the hall they went, until they came to a big wooden door, just barely cracked open.

"There she is." The Rabbot announced, only to get shushed by the Lucain woman. Her ears perked forward, listening to the movement inside her own bedroom. She could hear the sound of tiny footsteps pattering against the hardwood flooring. She leaned in closer to the door, still not peering inside yet - which the Rabbot seemed to find unusual. His mistress wasn't known for being very cautious, she would normally burst through the doors like she owned the place [even though she did].

"Yes, yes. Why don't you go tend to our other guests." She whispered, with a shooing motion of one hand.  

"But Miss, are you sure you don't need me to stay?" He asked, almost begged. He didn't want to go, he wanted to remain of use. And besides, while he knew his mistress was a little off, she seemed unusually so right about now.

"Shuuush! Yes. Go!"
Reluctantly, the Rabbot waddled away on his hind two feet, to do as she had asked of him...
From the corner of her eyes, Metha watched him go. It wasn't until she was sure that he was gone that she finally peered inside. In the middle of her room stood a little girl wearing one of her smaller shirts, which was still too big on the little girl, and a shorter skirt, which also looked long on the little girl. Metha smiled to herself, glancing down at her own outfit which was pretty much the same one that the little girl had chosen from her wardrobe - purple, black, bright green and blue made up their outfits. The little girl had black hair and black eyes. Yep. It was her. Who her? Only Metha knew.

"Hello, there." The woman finally pushed the door open to the room, causing the little girl to whip herself around to look up at her. For an instant, the little girl seemed frightened, but soon, a smile broke onto her face.
"So I heard that you are lost?" Metha asked, to which the little girl nodded and replied, "Yes. I was. But I'm not lost anymore."

"I see..."

The little girl suddenly held out her hand, looking up at Metha expectantly. Metha was smiling, as she hardly ever didn't smile. She took the little girl's hand in her own, to lead her away from the bedroom, knowing just what she wanted. Hot cocoa~ What little kid didn't want hot cocoa?!

"So why are you here?" Metha asked.

"I ran away from home. And then the storm started up. There's a freeze warming- I mean, freeze warning in effect, you know?" The little girl spoke, looking up at the woman's face breifly. "It's funny, it's not that cold around here. The closer you get to the palace, the warmer it seems to get. It's snowing everywhere else, but it's only raining here..."

"Is it now? That's a little weird, isn't it?"

"I like weird!" The little girl almost shouted her statement.

"I know you do..." Metha replied, quietly.

Soon enough, the woman and the girl made it to the largest kitchen in the palace, hand in hand. The ceilings were incredibly high, there were several large refrigerators and a large amount of counter space. After all, the palace often sustained a large amount of guests at one time, the set up was needed.

"Uuuuhhh..." The little girl wasn't staring at the overdone kitchen, but up at the ceiling. "I don't pretend to understand it but... are those whales in the sky?"

Metha glanced up and, sure enough, there were miniature whales floating around up there. There were killer whales, sperm whales, and even a few beluga whales. Holy! Was that a shark?! Yes, there were a few baby hammerhead sharks up there too. Shoo cyute~~!

"Now, that's the ceiling, not the sky, and there are sharks up there too." Metha corrected the little girl.

Still stunned by the sight, the girl just slowly gave a nod. "Yea...That's...I like the baby sharks..." Other than the fact that it was definitely one of the strangest things to see, the little girl didn't seem put off by it. Nope! She liked it, loved it, actually.

Without going on about the flying sea creatures any longer, Metha went through the process of making warm cocoa for her and her young guest.

"Hot cocoa is great, but I like tea too. Do you like tea?" The little girl asked, having taken a seat on a stool to watch the woman as she worked.

"I love tea!" Metha answered.

"My favorite is peppermint." They both said at once.
Both of them stopped dead for a moment, before laughing in unison.

It was while Metha was still preparing the two tea cups filled with hot cocoa that the male Rabbot appeared in the room, shouting, "Miss Metha, I've tended to all of the guests! Oh!" He spotted the little girl almost right away. "Well, hello, again." He greeted her, putting on a sort of forced smile.

"Did you?" Metha looked back at her assistant, watching his reaction for a moment. Though, she found, he didn't appear to notice the resemblance between the two.
She took a seat in a stool beside the little girl, setting down the two cups of steamy, sweet chocolate liquid. "How is everyone?"

"They're all fine, Miss. Perfectly well." He assured her, rubbing his paws together out of random habit. "I was considering, though, going outside and checking on the guests in the lake."

The little girl, who was mostly ignoring the adults and about to take a sip of her cocoa, shot her head up when she heard him say this.
"Don't even try! Your colors will fall right off!"

The Rabbot turned to her, startled. "What? My colors will...?"

"Didn't you know? Didn't you hear? They say that all will change on a day like this... I don't know just who they are, but some weird stuff if happening, that's for sure. I bet you that the water has an acidic property."

"But you came from outside in the rain, and you are fine." What a silly girl, he thought.

The little girl shook her head.
"Who said that I was fine? Look where I am! The flowers in the garden sing, there are whales in the sky, and I constantly hear that awful ticking!"

Metha, oddly, remained silent during the entire exchange. She just stared at the little girl, pretending as if none of them came across as unusual.

"Erm...Ticking...?" The Rabbot looked confused.

"Yes, from the clock tower." She stated matter-of-factly, almost as if he was stupid if he didn't know.


"Oh, I guess you didn't know!" The girl laughed. "There is a clock tower in your room. When the clock stops ticking, you will die." Somehow, even with that cryptic of a statement, the little girl's voice came across as sweet as ever.

"Whaaaat!?! Metha, do you hear this!?" He turned to stare at his mistress, to find that she wasn't at all put off by what the girl said, like he was. Which could only mean... "No...no!" He shook his head. "She's just a little girl telling all sorts of lies! You can't tell me that you actually  believe her!"

Metha's expression, for once, was solemn. All that was, except for her eyes. Her dark eyes had a strange glint to them, like she wasn't quite all there any more.

"I'm not...going to die..." He protested, weakly, falling back on his butt. "No...I'm not..."

The little girl laughed.
"But you will, you will. I could stop it. But, you see, I love you... but not that much."

The Rabbot, once again, looked up at her, confusion and horror written on her face.
"You can't love me! You don't know me..."

"Oh, but I do~! I do~!" She threw her head back, howling in her sweet laughter. Suddenly, she leaned to the side, and fell right out of her seat. She tumbled a time or two, stopping and somehow managing to be standing on her feat when she did. "Couldn't you recognize me? Look at her, look at me." She gestured toward Metha, who remained out of it.

It dawned on him then, finally. The two looked so much alike, it was uncanny. Sure, Metha now had colored steaks in her black hair, but it was there. The two of them could be twins! Aside from their obvious years apart in age...

"But how...? It's not possible..."

"Didn't I just tell you that strange things are happening? I'm that strange thing. And, because you are so terribly annoying, you need to die. Simple enough, is it not? You love me, but I cannot love. Haven't you gotten that hammered into your thick skull yet?"

The male was at a loss, though his mind was abruptly working a mile a minute. What to do, what to say? Should he run? Would that help him escape the fate?
Wait...Why did he even believe her? Of course, that was no question. Anything could happen in Metha's world. Why should it surprise him that he ended up meeting Metha when she was little girl, right here, right now, when the real Metha was still conscious. Well... No. From that dazed look, his Metha was gone...

That's it!
His eyes went to the older Metha.
"What have you done to her?"

"Oh, she couldn't be around for this. She's just asleep, don't worry. She'll be free, after you're dead."

"Why do you want me dead?"

"Because I feel like it~ Shouldn't you have guessed that'd be the answer, since you know me oh so well?" She paused, eyes narrowing, "Tick. Tick. Tick. Time's a'wasting~"

He stood up, taking a step closer. Was he crazy?! No, he was plotting...
"May I ask for a favor, if I'm going to die so soon?"

"A favor?" This request just so happened to intrigue the little girl a bit.

"Yes, a favor." He took another step forward, one at a time.

"What kind of favor?"

"A kiss."

"A kiss!? You want me to kiss you?! That's ridiculous! Disgusting!"

The Rabbot shook his head. "No, it's not. I have always loved you, remember? It's the least you could do..."

The child version of Metha was making a face, yet, somehow, couldn't think enough to protest.

"Not you, though. The real Metha. The one I fell in love with. I'd feel sick if I kissed a little girl."

She turned up her nose. "I don't see why I should let you."

"I love you. Isn't that a reason enough?"

"But I don't love you!"

"But I'm going to die soon anyway."

"Ugh! Fine! Whatever! Kiss the empty shell for all I care!"

"I will."
He stepped before the adult Metha, eyes staying on her younger self until he leaned in toward the other's lips. The little girl looked away in disgust. Perfect! In a sudden burst of light, the Rabbot's form changed. He became a man with pink hair, wearing dress pants and a dress shirt with a pink vest- yet, the little girl would never see him like this. He hefted the unresponsive Metha into his arms, using the burst of light from his transformation as a means of escape.

He ran. Ran as fast as his feet would carry him down the hallway. Metha was held in his arms bridal style, completely dead weight. It was as if she wasn't even alive.
He came to the door to his room and kicked it open, kicking it shut again when they were both safely inside. Sure enough, their was a large clock tower, much like a grandfather clock, standing in the middle of his room. He laid Metha down as carefully as he could while trying to be fast. When she was settled, he wasted no time jumping up and locking the bolt on the inside of his door. Surely, the girl was angry with him now. And this was her world.

Frantically, he went back to Metha's side. What to do, what to do! He needed to wake her up, but was at a loss...
No, bad, idea, bad. His mind was working as fast as it could go, but no realistic ideas would come.
Until...What about what he told the girl? A kiss...? That seemed so overly cliche, but it...it was worth a try, wasn't it?

Tentatively, he knelt down beside the woman's head, slipping a hand gently behind it to prop it up a bit. He leaned closer, slowly, a blush warming his cheeks even though she was...asleep. His eyes moved across her face rapidly. To her eyes, which remained open despite her state, then to her lips. Closing his own eyes, his lips pressed against hers. Tick. Tick. Tick. The clock counted the seconds. Nothing happened. At first.
When about ten seconds past, the Metha's conscious mind snapped back into reality [well, her version of reality]. Her eyes grew wide and her throat produced a squeaky sound of horror. The Rabbot man pulled back, reading her horrific expression, his own eyes wide. His heart beat fast with excited relief. She was alive! She was awake!

Metha sat up. Her mind felt like it was filled with a think fog, like it had been smothering her. She rubbed her head, before she looked to the man.
"Just what were you doing!?" ... "Ow.Ow.Ow..." Raising her voice made it hurt. It took a second, but her mind processed it. "You-You...you just kissed me!"

"I had to wake you up!" He said hastefully in defense of his actions. He knew she wouldn't have liked it, but he had to admit, to himself, that he did like having to chance to kiss her just once... "We have no time to waste, Miss. The other you wants me dead, and frankly, I don't want to die. That was not in my job description!"

With his help, Metha rose to her feet. "She wants you... But why?" Unlike her younger self, Metha was oblivious to the Rabbot's affections. She didn't even know the anonymous love letters that she burned were from him. She never opened them to read them.

"That's not really important, I don't think, Miss! The clock stops, I will die." Seeing as he was staring at the clock, he need not point it out to her. She noticed it on her own.

"Oh my..."

"Help me knock it over?" He asked, though felt he didn't actually need to. Metha would help him, he had faith enough in her for that.

Metha nodded in agreement, no questions asked. No need to ask questions in a place like this.

The two of them positioned themselves on one side of the clock tower, hands planted firmly against the side of it, and began to push against it. Try as they might, the clock tower just wouldn't move at this rate. Even with their combined strength, they couldn't get it to budge.

And they were disrupted by a loud, continuous banging on the door. "Let me in! Give me my body back!" A young voice was screaming at them from the other side.

"It's her." The Rabbot man stated, trying remain calm.

"The clock won't budge..." Metha reminded him, obviously becoming worried now.

"We need a plan..."

Silence... all except for the younger Metha still screaming and beating on the door.

Then Metha came to a conclusion, "Let her in."

"What?!" The man turned to her, giving her a look as if she was mad. "Are you crazy!?"

Metha looked back at him, her expression serious as ever. "Yes, I am crazy. Now open the door."

As much as he wanted to argue with her, he decided to trust her instead. Ever so slowly, he approached the door.
"Did you hear that? She said she wanted to let you in... Stop hitting the door, and I...I...I will open it."

The girl seemed satisfied, and stopped her assault on the door.

All the while, Metha had made her way to the other side of the room, grabbing something from the wall...

His hand reached for the lock, his hand shaking. He griped it, took a deep breath, and... click. The door was unlocked.

The door was thrown open by the girl, her eyes narrowed into slits. Her expression was fixed in anger.
She lunged at the man, but Metha threw herself in the way, intercepting her attack. They landed with a heavy thud, and rolled. Simultaneously, there was a second, softer thud sound. The Rabbot looked down, to see a knife sitting at his feet. So that was Metha's plan. It all made sense now.

As the adult Metha pinned her younger self to the ground, sitting on her legs and her hands holding her arms down, he came forth. But he was hesitant...
"Just do it already!" Metha shouted at him when he didn't act. "It won't do anything to me, I swear, just do it!"

The little girl squirmed for dear life, but couldn't escape. It very Metha of her not to scream even when faced with death.
The man leaned forward, the knife held tightly in hand.

"I thought you loved me!" So she did shout, her eyes fixing onto the man's face. Tears began to well up in her eyes.

"I love you... but not that much." He repeated her own cold words back to her, and then closed his eyes.

With the kiss of a knife, her eyes shut forever...
The scene from the point as a bit too gruesome to describe, with all of the bubbling blood spouting from her throat and all...

As soon as the body of the child began to vanish, the clock tower struck loud, and began to malfunction. It made a broken sound as the clogs began to grind against one another and snap. The clock began to crumble, breaking into millions of pieces and falling to heap on the floor.

The two remaining looked at one another...

"Next time you loose it, Metha, don't loose it alone."

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Look around for a means to dissuade her attention.
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My words are falling apart in spite of me.
I'm stepping out of the light so she can't see.
Don't think I'll miss her,
But I want to take her picture
When I found a place
Where she can't find me.

And she's falling asleep as she's walking with strangers.
Talking cheap as the flies on the wall entertain her.

Her world is falling apart in front of me.
She's stepping into the light, but she can't see.
It's hard to miss her when she's posing for a picture,
But I found a place where she can't find me.

My words are falling apart in spite of me.
I'm stepping out of the light so she can't see.
Don't think I'll miss her,
But I want to take her picture
When I found a place
Where she can't find me.
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Re: .:Contest #13:.

Postby Kodai » 03/08/2009 8:55 PM

"Humans really are intriguing creatures. It is difficult to define them with a single label, but there are certain characteristics that they share. They have internal organs, which work in concert to keep them alive. They must eat, drink, and sleep to ensure that their organs do not fail. And they feel a full range of emotions, both negative and positive. These three things -- organs, the need to eat, drink, and sleep, and emotions -- are what separate us from humans. If we can overcome the last barrier -- emotions -- we may learn what it is like to be human."

Pushing her squarish glasses back up on the bridge of her nose, the young adult female bit the end of her fountain pen in thought. Was that really all that separated her kind from humans? It seemed such a simple task on the surface, to understand emotions, but... they had struggled with it for centuries. Now, though... she had heard rumor of a savior, one that was destined to help them. It was... an interesting concept. Closing the leather-bound notebook, she got up slowly and wandered outside, into the darkness, where she noticed her male comrade standing. He was staring up at the 'sky', which was in all reality indistinguishable from the 'ground' except for its orientation.

"I don't pretend to understand it but... are those whales in the sky?" he asked once he felt her presence. She blinked twice, then frowned, knowing that her comrade was odd, but... not that odd. Sensing her doubt, he added, "I'm serious. Look," and pointed upwards. Following his arm, the girl was surprised to find that there was indeed something up there. They didn't look like the depictions of whales she had seen in books, however. These were long, white, and sinuous, like snakes, and they slithered lazily through the blackness.

"I... don't know what those are," she admitted, continuing to watch them as they made their loops and arcs. Serpentine... Perhaps they had something to do with the Chaos? "Perhaps... we should check in with the others? Something may be happening. Something... major." She pushed up her glasses again and took her comrade's wrist, leading him along as she began to step out of the darkness and into... an abandoned castle? No... not abandoned. There were others of their kind here, doing everything from training with weapons to simply milling about. Stopping one of the less occupied individuals, the girl asked, "Do you happen to know anything about those strange white serpents floating about in the Void?"

"Serpents?" he repeated, looking confused. "I don't know anything about that... I've never even heard of it."

"Oh... I see." She let him go back to doing nothing and turned to her comrade. "Perhaps they just haven't been to the Void in a while... Maybe those serpent things just arrived." Putting a finger to her lips, she thought for a moment. "Maybe... Maybe we should..." And without finishing her thought, she dragged her poor comrade back to the Void. Once there, she finished, "Maybe we should go infiltrate Lord Baal's castle. He might have something to do with this."

She received a strange look from her comrade. "Infiltrate Lord Baal's castle? That's one of the more dangerous ideas you've come up with... I mean, think about all the crazies lurking there. Like that Einsor... and if you got in a fight with Seibel?" He laughed dryly. "Don't even try. Your colors will fall right off."

"Well, what about the Chaos castle, then?" suggested the girl, crossing her arms and shifting her weight to a foot.

"That's even worse!" he retorted. "You know who lives there!" He put his hands on his hips in a rather feminine manner and said mockingly, "There's a freeze warming- I mean, freeze warning in effect." Dropping his hands, he added, "It would be suicide to just waltz in there without preparation."

"I take it you're not going to come with me, then," she replied calmly, shifting her weight to the opposite foot.

"I love you... but not that much." Both understood that to be a joke, as he could never truly love her. He wasn't human, after all. He had no emotions whatsoever. ...Well, that wasn't completely true. They all had emotions, just not the positive type. And love was definitely one of the positive types.

"Well, I suppose I'll see you later," the girl shrugged, turning to go off into the blackness.

"Or not..."


Instead of going to either Chaos castle, however, her feet somehow led her to the streets of Aldrect. It was her favorite place to visit, if she could be said to have 'favorites' of something. Passing through the thick crowd like a fish through water, she made her way to the grand fountain in the center of the city, looking curiously at a new clock tower that had apparently been built in the time that she had been away. From what she could see, the humans were messing around with the gigantic hands of the clock face. It appeared that some of the workers had fallen into an argument, however. Try as they might, the clock tower just wouldn't move at this rate. The girl was about to rise and go see just what the argument was about when she felt a blade against her back. Turning her head, she saw that it was, indeed, her comrade that held her there.

"What's this, now?" she asked, her voice unusually level for someone in her situation.

"I... They found your diary. Lord Zan deems you a threat... You have to be terminated," he answered. From the sound of his voice... was he... regretting this? That was impossible...

"Very well... At least it is... you."

With the kiss of a knife, her eyes shut forever...


~1st February 2007~
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Re: .:Contest #13:.

Postby BaalsBaby » 06/18/2009 12:52 PM


Oh.. Oh my goodness, I finally got to sit down and go through them all! XDDD;;; So terribly sorry for the wait everyone, but it seems we have our three winners now!  Threeeee months it took me, but I made it! D<

First Place: Fallen_Snow - Seriously, Gertrude's story really kept me looking forward to the next moment. Very real and emotional, it almost made me cry you evil thing, you. DX

Second Place: Freezair - The Red Pen. Awesome. I think your machete character has haunted me for a good while now. oDo;

Third Place: Shrewdberry - And of course, I had to bring attention to the bottles. I loved how personification was used here and the characters really stuck out.

Congrats guys, this was such a fun contest! XD; Just... Next time, I need to schedule a day to just plop myself down and read through it all in one go~ See you all next contest! 8D
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Re: .:Contest #13:.

Postby Freezair » 06/18/2009 1:27 PM

Oh mah gosh! Congrats, Snowy! Even though I only came in second, I actually feel as good as if I'd won, because you let me see your Gertrude character and asked me what I thought of her (yay! Opinion being valued!) and I just thought she was spectacular too!

'Grats, Snowy! You deserve it, gal! 8D

And your story was adorable too, Shrewd. I thought it was really cute and clever. I'm a sucker for anthropormophic objects.

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Re: .:Contest #13:.

Postby potterchic » 06/18/2009 1:32 PM

Congrats, guys! I'm gonna read those as soon as I can.
Oh, what a guy, that Gaston!

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Re: .:Contest #13:.

Postby Moofius » 06/18/2009 2:44 PM

Grats you guys! 8D I read Shrewds but I'mma' have to track down Snowys' and Freezairs' to read, too. ^O^
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Re: .:Contest #13:.

Postby Toon-Souseiseki » 06/18/2009 4:05 PM

Horay for Snow! and Freezie, and Shrewd!
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Re: .:Contest #13:.

Postby Fallen_Snow » 06/18/2009 9:45 PM

Holy crud I won?!?! *almost had a heart attack when she saw the PM for the KS in her PM inbox* Thankies Baal! I'm glad you liked it! :) And I read Freezie's and Shrewd's, and I loved them. Congrats you two. Thank you, thank you, thank you! oDo~!
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Re: .:Contest #13:.

Postby GrayGriffin » 06/22/2009 10:22 AM

Mweh~I need to finish my piece. It's a perfect backstory. I've just found out one of my problems is transferring ideas onto paper/screen.
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