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Re: .:The Wishing Well:.

Postby Sarah » 06/10/2017 3:46 PM

The jungle was, as always, sweltering. The heat was twofold as the climate was already hot and sunny, but it was also incredibly wet so the heat stuck to fur and flesh like a second layer of hell. Avi had never been a fan of heat, her home was in the mountains on another continent. It had not been her first choice, but there was something in the jungle that was nowhere else in the world. It was a magical well, or so people said. A well that, if one was desperate and lucky, could grant a wish. Avi was desperate, but she was not so sure about her luck. "Please," she began, uncertain how exactly a wish should be made. She chose to prey, it was something at least familiar to her. "My sister, a Wynd kuhna, has gone missing, please bring her back to me," she begged, and dropped a coin into the well.

Andra had been shocked seeing her sister come out of the small hut that housed the well. As she knew it Avi was part of a very religious sect living in the northern mountains. No one in the family had seen or heard from her since she left years ago. Perhaps she’d completed her training, it was the only way she’d be allowed to leave the monastery. Maybe she’d run away and was wishing to escape. Andra could only guess really. Avi luckily hadn’t seen her walk up to the well. The small woman had been leaving the opposite direction from her. Andra entered the area of the well and sat cross-legged on the dirt floor. The jungle had been quite inviting, even though Andra was only in the area for the wish-granting well. She’d always had a love of nature, and the foliage of the jungle was like nothing she’d seen before. “Hello well, or gods, or whatever has the wish-granting power. I have a request, if you’d be so kind as to hear me out,” she began a little awkwardly. “You see I have this sister, well I have two sisters, but this one specifically has been missing for years. I know she isn’t dead, so please, if you can, bring her back to us,” she said, and dropped a coin into the well.

Syam was used to being on his own. Ever since he completed his training as an assassin he’d spent his free time in his own company. It was almost comical now to see two of his siblings gather at the same place. If he weren’t a coward, he might even approach them for some kind of strange family reunion. Avi’d been out of contact for years, even longer than Syam, and Andra always tried to get them together but never could. To see them both asking a well for help would have been pitiful if he wasn’t there for the exact same reason. The glue that had bound them, a Wynd kuhna and sister, was lost and the family had drifted apart easily. Syam was getting bored of his own company, he missed his sisters, missed people he could trust no matter what. Andra was leaving, finally, and Syam wondered if they felt the same way he did. He snuck into the little hut and sat against the wall facing the well. Shadows surrounded him, just in case one of his siblings came back, and he just sat.

Finally, he was able to speak. “I suspect you’ve heard, but I have this sister,” he sighed, feeling not a little bit stupid for talking to a well.  “She has a soul as blinding as the sun, but she’s been taken from us. Without her we are nothing, and I’d give far too much in order to see her again,” he said, and dropped a coin into the well.

(Wishing for a Wynd Kuhna)

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Re: .:The Wishing Well:.

Postby Indigo » 06/13/2017 8:22 PM

When they'd started walking, they hadn't expected to end up here. Valerie did not, as a rule, put much stock in wishing; far better to take practical steps toward your goal if possible, and since it usually wasn't possible, better at least not to give yourself false hope. But this felt different somehow. With the lab closing down and Mina running off to gods knew where without even a letter of recommendation, and with most of their studies still left to complete, even false hope sounded good right about now. So here they were.

They leaned on the side of the well and stared down into it, though there was nothing to see.

This morning, before Mina had called them in to help clean out her lab, they'd been reading the newspaper—being mocked for it by their roommate, of course, because Who reads the newspaper in this day and age?—and come across an article about another scientist working with magical compounds, one who seemed to go about it in a better way than Mina had, more organized, not that there was much way of knowing for sure. But he'd won some kind of award for it, in any case. (He was also, Valerie had to admit, rather striking in appearance; but it was mostly the work that attracted them, whatever Scops might say.) They'd cut out the first page of the article without really knowing why. Now it seemed they'd found a reason.

They dug around in their bag for some change and eventually came up with a handful of pebbles, leftover lunch money from the day they'd been cut loose. The scrap of newspaper was badly crumpled from proximity to that scientist's paperwork, but straightened out easily enough, and they wrapped it carefully around the money. Then they leaned over and dropped it into the well, and whispered, "A new job. Please."

If Scops ever found out about this they'd never hear the end of it.

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Re: .:The Wishing Well:.

Postby RiDragon » 06/17/2017 12:48 AM

 The little Kuhna girl tripped a few times on her path to the wishing well, but didn't seemed phased by it in the slightest.  It was obvious she couldn't see very well, though she didn't seem like she cared much if at all.  She treated the falling as if it were just another fun thing to do, and giggled whenever she had to brush the dirt off her knees.  It was odd how she never got injured..

She was able to notice a few people standing around, mostly keeping to themselves.  She waved at them, but they seemed too busy to notice.  That was okay, they were busy!  She skipped to the well itself, peering down it with wide eyes.  Woah, it was so deep.  What would happen if she fell down it?  Maybe she would go to Wonderland!  She ignored the people huddled around her, some of them throwing in pennies and muttering to themselves.

She dug in her pockets, putting aside a few buttons and cool rocks she had found to find a coin.

"Oh wishing well.  I'd really love if you brought my favorite cartoon character to life!  He's a Swift Fenling.  Please, oh please!  I'd love to be his friend in real life, I think we would get along really well!"  She held the coin over the well, squeezing it tightly a few seconds, before letting it go.

(Wishing for a Swift Fenling)

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Re: .:The Wishing Well:.

Postby Mojave » 06/18/2017 12:55 PM

A girl of average height and build entered the square that housed the Wishing Well, having descended in her Xing Yun form some distance away. She'd figured the place would be busy, but it seemed she'd come at a quiet time. All that walking for nothing. Next time I'll do a pass over and see if the place is busy before I give myself extra work. She thought to herself.

She approached the well and played with a coin, spinning it over her knuckles as she arranged the words in her head. She knew what she wanted to wish for, and she'd been here several times (even had a wish granted, apparently) but she always felt silly talking to a well.

"Well, I'm back again." She cleared her throat- yeah, talk to it like it's a person, that's not crazy at all. "I'd like to wish for a Breeder Boost v2. Seems the one I had was lost or something. I guess his date didn't go well? I don't know. I just know they're hard to come by and it's a shame things didn't work out as planned. Anyway, regardless if this is granted or not, here ya go." She tossed the now warm coin down the well, waiting to hear the small splash that told her the payment had been received. Still feeling a little foolish, she turned away and left.

[Wish Granted]

One, don't pick up the phone
You know he's only calling 'cause he's drunk and alone
Two, don't let him in
You have to kick him out again
Three, don't be his friend
You know you're gonna wake up in his bed in the morning
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Re: .:The Wishing Well:.

Postby Lilith Michaelis » 06/18/2017 8:02 PM

Only a small caw and the ruffling of feathers signaled the bird's arrival outside of the wellhouse. It was a strange bird indeed, it possessed the dark black feathers and body structure of a corvid, a raven perhaps, but the bird's eyes were an odd red in color. And something seemed....off about it as it hopped closer to the entrance to the wellhouse.

One burst of black feathers later and there stood a diminutive person instead of the bird. Their hair was as dark as the raven's feathers had been and their eyes they same red, adorned in what seemed to be a simple dark grey turtle neck. The being stepped forward, footsteps light as they stepped inside. They hopped on to the edge of the well, perching on it really, staring down into the waters below.

Dubhán tilted their head, an odd smile on their face and coin already in hand. "I've heard quite a bit about you, you know, they said, flipping the coin once in their hand. "I'm a bit curious, so let us ask something of you. I'm looking for an old friend of mine, a Solar Eclipse Ipinox but even I've had a bout of bad luck in finding them. Perhaps you could help." They flipped it in their hand once more before flicking the coin into the well. A moment passed as they watched the coin begin to sink to the bottom. It wasn't long before the sound of feathers falling and a lone caw echoed out once more.

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Re: .:The Wishing Well:.

Postby Jaden Wolf » 06/20/2017 5:11 PM

Approaching the well at a slow saunter, the young man looked about him somewhat curiously. Starlight had been hearing this one wish from Jaden really strongly recently. The blood in him longed to grant her wish, but it was unfortunately beyond his ability.

He was quite surprised and grateful when someone told him about Evelon's wishing well. No one from the Beach had ever attempted a wish here, despite the place being established a very long time ago. But, if it could help Starlight grant the Master's wish, he would gladly give it a shot. Maybe, just maybe, the powers of his wish-granting mother and her people would give him better luck than the average folk. A bit of wishful thinking, if you will.

Tossing a coin in, he paused a second. "I would like to wish for my Master, Jaden, to be reunited with a friend of hers from some strange place. I believe she would take the form of a custom kuhna in these lands," he said softly.

(Wishing for a custom Skitty kuhna - template with small addon, plain template)
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Re: .:The Wishing Well:.

Postby Kestrel » 06/24/2017 1:32 PM


Really, this task would have been accomplished much more simply by her father. He knew the world this child inhabited, and going there should be easy for him. He and her mother had been there before, clearly, and stayed long enough for this sibling of hers to be born. Performing a simple search should take just a few days--and it wasn't like he was doing much of anything else.

Nimue sighed as she approached the stone building ahead. Well, that was what her father was like now. Apparently the twins in the human world had already been sent on their own missions to find other siblings of theirs. It had only been a matter of time before a similar task fell on her shoulders. But really, how many unknown siblings did they have wandering around in various corners of the multiverse? And why did they all, for some reason, need help getting out of whatever bizarre situations they had found themselves in?

Well, whatever the case, this was the best she could do. As far as she could tell, the world this particular sibling came from was very different from her own world. And her father hadn't even told her precisely which world it was, and the world-hopping he or some of her other siblings could do with ease was too much of a strain for her own magic. So here she was, hoping that whatever powers this well possessed would be enough to find out the missing yonyuu's location.

She entered the rough stone structure, taking the coin held in a pouch around her neck into her mouth. Her father had said it had come from the world in question, but she wasn't quite sure if she believed that. Regardless, it looked enough like a coin that she figured it would do.

Peering down into the dark depths of the well, she let the coin fall out and drop into the water below. "I wish to find the location of a certain Riptide Yonyuu, my sibling."

[Wish Granted]
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Re: .:The Wishing Well:.

Postby ToxxicRenegadeAngel » 06/24/2017 1:38 PM

The little draculi sighed in frustration as he padded his way towards the well, a single goddess tear held in his mouth. He didn't want to admit it but he was afraid this might not work; he was a little skeptical when it came to gods and wishes, and he didn't trust his luck. All in the name of a wish, though he thought it was a waste of a perfectly good goddess tear.

Timothy sighed again, and sat perched at the edge of the well, peering into the darkness. He heard a drip, and shook his head, thinking that if there was water down there it must be horribly polluted with how many things must have been dropped in over the years - everyone felt they had to leave a gift, as was the way of things, and Timothy was sure some of the gifts had been less friendly than others.

He straightened his back, and feeling foolish, began to whisper to the well:

"Listen, I don't believe in you, but I've seen enough people pass by here to know what you're rumored to be, and that's good enough. I have a friend who wasn't around when a certain type of Kuhna went up for adoption, and she's ever so upset that she missed them, and me, well, I'm too soft for my own good. I don't have a lot, you see, so I'm coming to you - even if she doesn't get what she wants, I'm sure she'll appreciate that I talked to a well for her."

He ruffled his fur, and looked around to make sure nobody was watching, before he dropped the goddess tear into the well, hearing a 'plop' sound as it reached what he presumed was the water at the bottom.

"I hope this Iridescent Kuhna is worth it" he muttered to himself, as he began to pad away from the well.
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Re: .:The Wishing Well:.

Postby zapdragon555 » 06/25/2017 1:44 PM

If one was trying to be subtle and not be noticed, perhaps picking something other than a body camera strapped to one's chest would've been smart. But Alex had been wearing the thing for so long, now, he'd grown used to the weight of it on his body. Taking it off made him feel floaty, less grounded, and if he needed anything right now, it was to be grounded.

As if to completely ignore his own thoughts of safety, his head compulsively jerked up to glance over his shoulder, revealing sleepless, dark-circled eyes under the shadow of his hood. No. He was safe, for now. He lightly touched his fingertips to the camera, always filming, at his chest before reaching into his pocket. He pulled out some change and let out a sigh, wondering if this was stupid or not.

At this point, nothing was too out of the question. Alex thumbed over the coins he'd haphazardly pulled out, not bothering to look at them or count them. Money didn't matter anymore. All that mattered was--he looked over his shoulder again when he thought his heart might squeeze out of his chest with anxiety--was surviving. And maybe, if he could, fixing his mistakes as he went. This was a good place to start, he thought, eyes drifting over the old, worn stone structure of the wishing well.

He slowly got down on his knees, closer to the thing, and held his hands over it, coins cupped between them. He licked his lips, mulling over his words carefully in his jumbled brain, and let out a breath in a huff. "Please," he began, and froze, as if not used to the sound of his own voice anymore. "Help me find Seth. I made a mistake, getting... getting him involved in all of this. Please, just help me find Seth." He hesitated for a moment, breath quavering as if he were deciding what else to say, then finally released his hold on the coins and watched them plip into the water.
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Re: .:The Wishing Well:.

Postby Skeetzybug » 06/28/2017 1:51 AM

Wishes are not an easy thing to come by in any world. Sure, you can make as many as you want, but the chances of any of them even coming close to true? Dismal, really. Still, a girl's gotta hope.

She padded her way to the well, all fluff and fern, and set her paws on the edge. Like a little kid again, she closed her eyes, squeezing them shut and wishing with all her might. She wish shemay , she wish she might... oh, right! You're supposed to talk to the well. It was such a backwards thing from most wishes, whispered words under your breath for no ears but your own, she almost forgot it.

"I wish that I may have this wish I wish tonight! See I really, REALLY love the color pink - naturally." She giggled, one paw over her mouth as she looked at her own vibrant coat. "So I wish that maybe, I could have a companion who's bright pink too!" With that she reached out, nudging the coin she'd brought into the well, watching it fall until she could hear it enter the waters with a plop. With a swish of her tails, she trotted off again, hoping that whatever it was down there would hear her, just this once.

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Re: .:The Wishing Well:.

Postby Silver » 06/29/2017 2:06 AM


Nimbus had heard the tale of a special place deep in the jungle where wishes could come true. Though he could hardly remember where he heard such a thing, he decided that now was the time to investigate. The thick branches and high humidity of the jungle made it nearly impossible to hitch a ride, so all he had was his own two paws to rely on. Well, his and Gen's, of course. The Tali insisted on coming along, as he often did. Nimbus was just glad for the company, so he wasn't about to stop him.

Soon enough, the jungle cleared away, and mossy stone buildings now surrounded them. Nimbus had to admit that he liked the jungle better. Though Gen seemed intrigued by what was around them. His ears and feathers alike were perked up with a mix of curiosity and concern. This place just didn't feel right. He would have to be at the top of his game to properly protect his boy.

Gen let out a loud, sudden bark, causing Nimbus to trip and fall backwards over a misplaced stone. A squirrel skittered past, and Gen chased it for a second before it clearly ran out of sight. He let out a huff and went back to see how Nimbus was doing. "Oh come on, what was that? You made me think there was real danger." Nimbus grumbled. Gen just licked his face and used his head to push Nimbus back to his feet. "Thanks boy," he said, his tone immediately softening. He just couldn't stay mad.

Eventually they made their way to the place. Nimbus couldn't say why, but he was sure this was it. Something about it felt right, but also wrong. It made his stomach churn. Was this really the answer? Well, they came this far, and there was only one way to find out. Nothing bad could happen to him while Gen was here, right? Or maybe it was the other way around. He honestly wasn't sure which way he preferred.

"Hello wishing well," he said, and a faint echo of his own voice came back to him. "I don't know if you're listening, but I'm looking for something. No. Wishing for something? I lost a friend a while ago, and I miss her greatly. I was hoping you could help me... find her. She's a sweet little thing with a soft brown body and ocean blue spots. Her feathers are colored like sand that has been brushed with the sky. Please, help me."

With that, Nimbus dropped a single shining coin and the sand colored feather of a May Kitrell into the well.

[Wish Granted]

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Re: .:The Wishing Well:.

Postby ToxicShadow » 06/29/2017 6:09 AM


Not the first time first time visiting the well, it felt familiar to Toxic as she returned, although it had been a half a year since she stepped foot anywhere near it. Gingerly, she stepped froward, as if to not disturb the area around the well. When she reached it, she laid both hands on the edge of it, and leaned over to look inside once more. There was a faint smile on her face.

"Thank you, for granting my wish before," she quietly spoke to the well. She had no idea what powers that be that made her wish come true but, still, it only felt right to give thanks for the gift. Even if she was speaking to an object, it seemed that someone had to be listening. "I... worry if this is selfish of me, but I have come with another request."

"Although he's not here, if he were, it would have been my brother's birthday this month."  All she could assume was that those she left behind were already gone. She couldn't pretend they were living well, when she knew all too well what her world had been like before she was sent away. "But, in his honor, I am asking for a Emerald Stargoyle. He may be gone, and I hardly have anything to remember him by aside from the memories, but... it would serve as a wonderful reminder."

Once more, she dug out a coin from her pocket, and gave it a squeeze, before tossing it into the well.
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Re: .:The Wishing Well:.

Postby SpringsSong » 06/29/2017 10:22 AM

The Nogitsune approached the well, a coin clasped in her hands as she looked around.  She'd heard of wishes being granted here before, and she'd had a wish of hers granted before--admittedly, not through this well.  She figured that the worst thing that could happen would be that nothing would happen, and the coin she'd brought with her would go to waste.

"So, um... I don't know if anyone's actually listening, or if I'm just talking to myself," Spring said, holding the coin out over the well.  "But... I may as well give this a try.  You see, I've been wanting an Iridescent Kuhna for some time.  I... was away when they were around, and... well, that's really all there is to it, really.  So... I don't know if you can help me, but here's hoping," she said, dropping the coin.
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Re: .:The Wishing Well:.

Postby Isalynne » 06/29/2017 6:26 PM

Druantia's footfalls were silent as she approached the well. It was not in her nature to rely on flights of fancy such as this to bring her comfort and hope; however, there was nowhere else for her to turn, nothing she could possibly do that hadn't already been done. Nephele remained to be missing, danger still lurked, and any scrap of hope had to be clutched onto in such a time of need. Mortals had spoken to her of this place granting wishes, and if there was one thing in the world left to try, it was that. A wish.

The sun bore down and humidity made the air stagnant, but she appeared unfazed, staring into the dark depths. Unfurling her fingers, she raised her hand just above the depths of darkness - an imprint was visible on her skin from the ribbed edges of the silver coin held within it.

"I.. don't count myself as a believer in the power of wishes," She began, voice low and breathy. After a rattling, nervous inhale, she continued. "But I have nowhere else to turn. My.. partner, my friend - she is away from me, and I can no longer bear it. Please.."

The coin slid from her grip. A few tinkles of it hitting the stone, and then.. nothing. The black swallowed it whole.

"Please, return Nephele to me."

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Re: .:The Wishing Well:.

Postby crow » 08/22/2017 1:32 AM


In the early hours of the morning, a young man approached the well. His finery was at odds with the run-down surroundings, speaking of wealth grander than what could be found in town, and likely of a long journey to reach this place. His features were beautiful, fine-boned and androgynous; his long blond hair was pulled back from his face into a small ponytail at the back of his head while the rest of it fell around his shoulders. A crow sat perched on his shoulder, keeping a wary eye on the surroundings. The young man himself only had eyes for the well.

The wishing well was a curious place. It didn't look at all like how Sunshine imagined, though he wasn't entirely sure what he was imagining, now that he had gotten to see it at last. Something grander, perhaps, more obviously magical. If there was magic in the air, he couldn't feel it, and he was usually quite good about picking up on things to do with magic, even though his friends told him he tended to be oblivious about anything else. He hadn't expected it to be so obviously rough-hewn, so... pedestrian. Though perhaps that was part of its charm.

"What do you think, Connie?" he said, reaching up to stroke the crow's head. It shied a little from the touch, shuffling to one side and running its open beak down Sunshine's fingers instead. He laughed, and extricated his hand so he could fumble through his pack for a coin instead.

"I suppose there's really only one way to find out if the rumors are true... Though I hear not all wishes are granted. Hmm." He considered the coin and the mouth of the well for a moment, then shrugged and threw it in anyway. He waited, listening for the sound as it hit the bottom, but he never heard it. There was something mysterious about that, at least. "What do you think would happen if I jumped in...?" he said.

The crow startled, and began immediately to scold. Sunshine laughed again. "Very well, I won't. Though I can't say I'm not tempted... No, you're right, I'd better not." He did keep casting backward glances even as he left, however; and the crow did not stop scolding until they were well away from the... well.

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Ultimate Pet Veteran!
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