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Postby .:The Marketplace:. » 04/10/2009 8:34 PM

1.) All purchases must be roleplayed - As this is a site dedicated to roleplaying, you must even roleplay your purchases in any of the shops. Any post not following this will be deleted and you will not receive your order. Since it is a roleplay post, you may also count it as a post toward your pet's total post count. Any leveling up done in a shop gives only the normal bonuses.

2.) Do not edit your posts! - If you edit your post, how am I supposed to know that you didn't look back and figure out that you could order something else and figured 'oh it'll be okay to just slap another order in there.' Editing your order so that there is more or less to it could cause trouble for a staff member if they had already started to work on your order, only to find out that you've since changed it.
       2a.) Upon markings your order as paid, I will lock your post - This means that once you have paid and it has been confirmed, there is for sure no editing! Again, this prevents any trouble of a staff member getting half way through your order and then coming back to it only to see that you have changed it or taken it upon yourself to remove it.

3.) 'One of whatever's left' doesn't fit the bill for ordering! - I don't send the orders out until I have recorded them all and subtracted the KS. Thus, I have no ref of exactly what you bought for that post. If everything is in stock for sure it's fine to order 'one of everything', because I'll actually be sending you everything. If you're not getting one of each item I need exact numbers to go on so my frazzled mind doesn't end up sending you something it shouldn't.

4.) SEND me your KS/GT! - That's right, you heard me. Send me all of your currencies used for making purchases, please! These currencies fuel my fires, and will be used to fund many things over the years. It's worth it.
•When sending payment, please provide the url of the order that is being paid for in the message section of the currency donation window. This allows us to easily move to your post and mark it as paid, so that it can be processed by the proper staff member.
•In order for a purchase to be recorded, payment must have already been sent. If you have not sent payment yet, your post will be skipped and you will be sent a PM reminder.
•We reserve the right to correct any errors in payment; ie, if you sent too much or too little. If your post needs to be voided for any reason (no longer own the pet in question, item not in stock, ect), your money will be refunded.

5.) Concerning voided posts - Any post found to be breaking any of rules 1-3 will be 'voided', meaning they will not be filled. All voided posts will eventually be deleted(meaning they won't add to your post count) after some time is given for users to see that it has been voided.
Please do not send me any PMs asking questions. If you have any questions about the Marketplace, post them in the help section or message a staff member. This is only an account used for sending out Marketplace orders and collecting your delicious currencies.
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