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Middy's Marshmallow Pets [OPEN]

Postby Middy » 01/08/2018 6:39 PM


Well isn't this an odd little shop? Have you ever wanted a squishy version of your Evelon pet? Do you like the shape of marshmallow chicks? Wish you could have both? Now you can!

This is mainly a test on how many people would be interested in these peeps. I might make the finished product a bit smaller, but you can clearly see an example above. ANY Evelon pet is free to be requested as a plush little marshmallow. Note that every peep is unique (no two will be the same) the only thing in common is the basic shape. Interested or not, here is the form below.

Note that add-ons are free unless they are very complex, still I will only charge 5 extra ks for the difficult ones.

Each marshmallow pet is 20ks right now. Feel free to post!

Pet's Image:
Anything Additional?:
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Re: Middy's Marshmallow Pets [OPEN]

Postby Sarah » 01/08/2018 10:44 PM

These marsh-poofs are so cute <3
Pet's Image:
Anything Additional?: nope!
Aura?: Same as the lakundra please

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