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:.:Exploring 101 and FAQ:.:

Postby .:Random Event:. » 06/17/2016 10:13 PM

:.:Exploring 101:.:

General Etiquette

I'm sure you guys should already know this, but I'd like to restate it all in here. This applies for Events and Explorations, so listen up!

Proper spelling and grammar is a MUST. Although it something you must always comply with, for the sake of our sanity please when you write, make sure anyone can read it. Since you don't get a response until we fully understand what on Evelon you are going on about.

Also. Another big one, Godmodding. In Explorations, it's not so important as I make our one post and leave. In Events, it's an entirely different matter. My characters are mine, just as much as your characters are yours. That said, in Events please regard the environment as my character too, and do not try to manipulate it to your own will. It makes my job that much harder to run the actual event.

That said, I am allowed to godmod your character to some degree. I won't do anything drastic or take over your character, rather tell you if your character has, or hasn't accomplished something or perhaps move them from one spot to another, with the help with one of my own characters.

Pets Available

All pets available that have been found, will be released on the main website, along with the location they are found in. Standard wild pets such as Mekkayena, Akail and Mr. Wilson can be found all year round.
During seasons such as Easter, Halloween and Christmas, some rarer pets will crawl out of hiding and can be found during that season. A comprehensive list can be found here.
From time to time, documents belonging to an unknown adventurer will be found, and it's up to users to determine what the contents mean in order to discover the pets for themselves.

How to Start an Exploration

So I bet you've seen all those cool pets on the Wild Creatures and you're wondering how on Evelon you can get them. The process is quite simple. Here's how it goes!

Step 1.
Roleplay! This is as simple as it gets. Just pick any old place, with any old pets (hey, you can even bring a friend). Some pets only appear after a minimum requirement, so make sure you reach that goal. Every 5 posts you make, will greatly increase your chances of getting that pet.

Step 2.
Every two weeks (subject to change), you're able to turn in your hunt to this thread and potentially win a prize! You can also buy items on the spot to increase the success of your hunt or lure in pets.

Step 3.
Random Event (that is, me!) will reply and tell you how you went. You'll either get the pet you're after, or you won't. See below for an explanation of the hunting difficulty.

Step 4.
After Random Event has replied, you'll be put on a two week cooldown. This means you can still roleplay as normal but you cannot submit any more hunts until the cooldown is up.

What's this 'Difficulty' thing?

Well, it's really just a rename. Pet Difficulty generally determines how many posts you need, and the success chance of capturing a pet.
Easy pets generally appear after 10 posts, and will become less common once the roleplayer hits 20 posts.
Medium pets generally appear after 20 posts and Hard pets generally appear after 30 posts and become more common after 40, though these values may vary from pet to pet. Once the minimum post count is hit, these pets will not become less common.


Items exist to help control the random nature of a hunt. Items will be revamped down the line, once more species get released, but right now, you can spend a small amount of keystones to either force a specific species or rarer pets to appear. These items will be consumed as soon as you use them, regardless of outcome.

These Pets Seem Too Hard to Get

I'm sorry you feel that way! This system is a work in progress and it's going to be constantly be getting tweaks until I find the perfect balance. Also the more hunts there are, the more pets will be found, and the faster new things can be released! If there's more pets in the system, I'll be more comfortable in tweaking things to make them easier to find/catch.
Still, if you're struggling, have an idea I could use or want to suggest items, this thread is the place to go! I'm always open to new ideas and I love hearing from you.
Season in Effect: Summer
Activity: On Hold until pet locations are worked out
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Postby .:Random Event:. » 09/01/2016 7:43 PM

:.:Frequently Asked Questions:.:

Can we have multiple explorations going at once?
       Of course! Explorations aren't any different from regular roleplays, and shouldn't be really seen as such. All it is, is a way to be rewarded for roleplaying. You can prep as many threads as you want at once to be turned in, you're only limited by the two week bottleneck.

Can an Exploration also fulfill a Quest Master quest?
       Yep definitely, since they're just regular roleplays! Go for it c:

Can I turn in a post in the War Area?
       Aaah. No unfortunately. Any little 'pop up' areas aren't included in Explorations, due to them having their own rules and their own special prizes.

Can we buy an item for every hunt we're in?
       For sure! You can buy an item for every thread you ever turn in, if you have the funds for it. Users will always have a way to control the outcome of a hunt, even if it's just by a little bit.

My post got knocked back with a "Does not fulfill requirements" message, what does this mean?
       So either this means one of three things. Either you haven't posted in the correct time frame (that is, it's been longer than a week between any one post you've made in your Exploration and the post to turn it in), you haven't posted the minimum requirement (10 posts) for at least an easy hunt or you've used an item to lure a specific species in and you haven't met the minimum for that particular pet. The item just guarantees that the pet will show up, and doesn't reduce post requirements.

Can we find multiple pets using the same thread, taking the cooldown into account?
       You can, yes! However, there is a penalty for doing so. With every 5 posts you make, you'll generate a bonus to capture chance. Upon turning in a thread, you'll consume this bonus and it won't count next time you submit the thread.

I'm roleplaying with my friend and they turned in the Exploration. Am I penalized?
       Short answer is yes and no. The cooldown applies per user and it won't affect you. The user who turns in the thread gets the roll. The only thing to note is that it will consume the generated bonus, so if you chose to turn in the same thread at the same time, you'd have a much lower chance of success.

A new pet was released and I want it, but I don't know where to look. Help?
       Be sure to read the dossier carefully, as it will always contain vital clues to finding new pets. It'll either mention a region, season or specific area (although sometimes not always by name). It's like an easy riddle and I definitely encourage you to communicate your ideas to other users in order to track down new creatures.

Can I find pets outside of their season?
       No. Not at this point. Perhaps sometime in the future, but seasonal pets are a way to keep the wild pet pool diverse.

Does every single area contain the possibility for a Lost Pet?
       Lost pets can be found absolutely anywhere. However, the region you're searching in will influence what kind of species you'll find. For example, you'll probably find more Draconic species by Nori Volcano, whereas you'll find a lot more fish in the Nodia Sea.

I have a question that's not on this list, how do I contact you?
       Either you can post it in Help! or you can PM me or Kreepy (she coded the roller and knows all of the technical details, and knows the system just as well as I do!). If it's a good question, odds are it'll be added here for reference.
Season in Effect: Summer
Activity: On Hold until pet locations are worked out
Most Recent Dossier: The Elusive Jirbii

Please don't PM me without a good reason, otherwise I'll just ignore you!
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