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.: Palette Potion Guidelines and FAQ:.

Postby Kreepy » 09/26/2016 7:15 PM

.: Guidelines for Palette Potions :.

This is a quick sheet, adapted from the moderator babymaking guildlines as a quick reference for what is allowed in palette potion babies. Please feel free to ask questions below, I'm always happy to clarify things and update this sheet as necessary.

Major Markings can come only from the parents. Desired mini-markings do not have to come from parents. Emission Liquors can only force one baby to have mutated markings, so choose wisely! If an emission liquor is used but there's no mutated marking on the palette baby, it will appear on another baby instead.

The babies can only be as light or as dark as the lightest/darkest color on the parents. Also highly saturated colors will need highly saturated colors to produce. For similarly colored parents, babies can't have colors outside of a parent's hue range. So an indigo and a purple parent can't make something with sky blue, pink or cyan in it.

This specified range also applies to things such as talon color, lineart color and accent color.

You can only pick color off the base color. Colors picked from shadows and highlights will be disregarded.

(Picture for clarity, you can only use colors inside the blue zone)

Eye color is directly inherited from the parents. So if the parents had red and blue eyes, then the babies will either have red or blue eyes. If you do not use the correct eye color, the mod responsible for your breeding will change it to suit this rule.

(In this example, if the parents have red or blue eyes, then they must receive the exact the eye colors that the parents have. The cyan below, though similar, is not acceptable)

Marking Glows
Marking glows are acceptable, even if parents lack one.

Inverted Shading
Babies can receive inverted shading, if the parent's have inverted shading.

Colored Lineart
Palette potions cannot be used to make fully colored lineart show. However if the parents have colored lineart, partially colored lineart can be used in the palette potion PSD (PSD must be provided in this case).
(Fully colored lineart vs partially colored lineart. The second example is acceptable.)

A PSD is not required but it is highly preferred, especially if the baby possesses gradients. All colors must be added to the pet via the Layer Style window and no hand painted colors (unless it's lineart) will be allowed. For the convenience of the mod completing your litter, please delete any unused marking, or body part layers, especially if you've been experimenting with different layer combos. We will not be fixing any pets that may have errors because you left the wrong folder on visible.

(An Example of what the layer style window looks like in CS5, this may change from version to version. In this window, Gradient Overlay and Color Overlay are permitted)

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