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Custom Kuhna Revamp Question

Postby Omnisearch » 01/10/2017 11:09 PM

Hey y'all, I have a question about custom Kuhnas! It's a little... weird, and I'd thought about messaging staff in PMs, but then I figured it might be good to have out there, so here I am!

So with the Kuhna revamp, customs especially went from the old lines to the new ones. Add-ons and markings had to be redrawn on the new base. My question is...

See, like.... 2-3 years ago??? I revamped this kiddo:

Into this:

And... well, I just... don't... like his yellow markings honestly?? I honestly didn't like them even back then, but I... I wanted him on the new lines so I kind of got over myself and just... revamped him like that. :'|

My question is... could I... revamp those yellow markings? And re-revamp him?

It kinda reminds me of that time when I'd done leopard spots for a bred custom, but then the mother Kuhna got different ones and the baby was also changed.

So like I'm wondering how this might... work? Because I realize people could basically just get a custom and claim they don't like the way it was revamped and then ask the staff to change things? Y'know.

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