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Postby Sappheara » 12/21/2017 2:34 AM

(I lost the link for the image.)
1) Please DO NOT post in my pen. Thank you.

2) None of my pets in this zoo pen are up for trade. Please DO NOT send any PMs asking for these pets. The pets that I'm willing to trade will be located in
Holding Pen 1 | Holding Pen 2 | Holding Pen 3 <-------

3) At some point my pets will retire from roleplaying and they will not come out of retirement for any reason. (Please don't PM me that you want to role-play with the retired pets.)

4) At some point I may deice to have certain pets die in this game. Either from old age, natural causes, disease or most likely from battle. (Please don't PM me that you want to do a storyline with deceased pets).

5) If you like to roleplay with me please PM me with what kind of storyline you have in mind or we can come up with one together.

Closed: Closed means that these pets are not for trade. They have personalities that go with the pet image and there will be no other pet that can replace that said character for me. Please, don't ask for these pets unless I state otherwise. Thank you.

Open: These pets have personalities but the pet image doesn't fit the idea image that I wish for my character's pet to look like. You are free to request a trade for these pets. Please remember that I will only trade for a pet that I'm able to give a character for. Thank you.

Maybe: These are the characters I'm attached to because I really like their pixel image. They do have personalities but I can't really develop their characters all that well. I will only trade these pets for ones that I'm able to create characters for or replace their image. They are open for trade unless I state otherwise.

Unlimited: These pets are unlimited, meaning that they will never retire. If you wish to obtain any of these pets, please go to the main site. They're also some in the help section and a few in the update sections. These pets CAN NOT be traded because they are always available for adoption in one of the three places I mention.
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