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.:Zoo Pen Rules, and How to Start!

Postby BaalsBaby » 09/01/2007 11:31 AM

Hello, and welcome to the Zoo Pens section! This topic will tell you everything you need to know! =D

First, what is a Zoo Pen? A Zoo Pen is just a topic that you create here using the "Post New Topic" button. The topic will contain your Evelon pets, along with their stats, Traits, personality... and everything else you deem necessary! A Zoo Pen is completely customizable! You might like your pets to stand side by side... Or you might like to have a single pet per post. It's all up to you! A Zoo Pen reflects how you want to keep your pets. :)

But keep in mind, non-Evelon pets do NOT belong in your Zoo Pen! Only Evelon pets belong here!

But, oh my, where do you get your pets? It's all nice and dandy to have a Zoo Pen, but where do you adopt the pets?

Well, the majority of the pets can be found on the Official Lands of Evelon website. Simply scan the different sections, copy paste the RolePlayer's Code in your Pen... and there you go! It's as simple as that!

We also have very special pets that you can adopt in a special Help topic: [* Special Freebie Pets! The same rule applies: simple copy the code in your Zoo Pen, and there you go! =D Those pets will never go away, and they will always be up for adoption.

You might also want to keep your eyes peeled in the Updates! Sometimes, the Staff might feel generous and might offer a limited freebie pet for you to adopt! They don't last forever, however, so make sure you grab one before they go away!

.: I have adopted pets! But how exactly does the Zoo Pen work?

A Zoo Pen is a little like a cave in Wajas. People know, by now, that posting in someone else's Zoo Pen is disrespectful — they might not be done, or they might not like people posting in it! So please, do not post in other people's Zoo Pens. However, some people might like for people to post in it. So if the rules in Bob's Zoo Pen state that you CAN post in his Zoo Pen, don't be shy! Bob is expecting you to post.

You can also keep as many pets as you want in your Zoo Pen. While Evelon is focused on RPing, nothing stops you from just collecting the pets! So even if you have no personality for a Void Yonyuu, you may still adopt one.

However, what you have to keep in mind is that we do check Zoo Pens now and again. If you trade or sell pets, please make sure to NOTIFY the Moderators about it! If we see a limited Kuhna — or any other limited/special pet — in your Pen, we will become suspicious. For more information about trading pets, please refer to this topic: Trading Rules

.: Ah, I don't really like my Zoo Pen anymore! Can I make a new one? What are the rules?

We understand the need to redo your Zoo Pen! Seriously, everyone's done it at one point in time.

You're completely free to redo your Zoo Pen! In that case, the general rules are as follows:

1. You are free to post a new Zoo Pen right away, even if you already have one.

2. To make it easy on our Mod, ToxicShadow, please rename your OLD PEN so that its name now includes 'REFERENCE'. This is to tell ToxicShadow that a new Pen is being made.

3. It is wise to label your new Pen with 'WIP' (Work-In-Progress). This is, again, to tell ToxicShadow, that the Zoo Pen is in construction!

4. Once your new Zoo Pen is done — or once you have transferred your pets and information from your old Pen to the new — you should send a PM to ToxicShadow. The PM MUST INCLUDE:
-The LINK to your OLD Zoo Pen
-The LINK to your NEW Zoo Pen

If you have any questions about Zoo Pens, please feel free to send a PM to the Staff, or an experienced member! Don't be shy, we'll be more than happy to help you with whatever concerns you might have! <3
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