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Making Battles More Fluid

Postby Kyrit » 10/06/2017 4:32 PM

If you remember this thread from a while back, you know that the major hang-up of getting the war rolling again has been figuring out if we were going to just go ahead and do the battles or not, and then how to go about them.

Anyways, obviously there were more users interested in going through with the battles than there were that weren't interested. Before getting the battles started for the Imperials, we'd like to see about ways to make battling easier and quicker so that these fights don't end up taking a year. I'll outline a few of the current ideas here and we'll see what you guys like best before moving forward.

Idea 1
Rounds are rolled for before users roleplay the fight and they then roleplay the result instead of roleplaying what they intend to do. Users can let us know if they intend to use any special moves in the next round out of character. This idea likely won't make battles any faster, but it will give users something more to build off of while working on their roleplaying part. With more to work with, users might possibly post more often/quicker though.

Idea 2
Relatively similar to idea 1, in idea 2 we also remove the roleplaying aspect. Each turn users simply need to post if they are using any special moves or not and then the moderator can roll. KS gain would also be removed from the battle areas, but doing this would allow for battles to proceed much quicker. Additionally, if users would like to roleplay the battle afterwards they can always continue on to an actual roleplay area (I'm fine with splitting the battlefield in to two areas, one with KS gain and one without) where they can make KS and some extra BP on the side.

If you guys have any ideas though, we're also willing to listen! For now though, feel free to vote on whatever idea you like.

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